Monday, April 1, 2013


This lovely foot is, obviously, not mine; it’s Becky’s, and it’s on loan to us from Pump Up the Frump to model a pair of sandals that justify trotting out that clichéd fashionista adjective, “fabulous.” Eye-catching, irrepressibly fun, playful…fabulous...what’s not to love?

04-18 sandal

Says Becky:

I love these sandals more than any rational person should. I bought them years ago and they never fail to garner compliments. Perhaps even more importantly, they are that rare combination of beautiful and practical that always seems to elude me... great for going out or for spending an afternoon in a canoe. And when a single sandal can take you from creek to club, you know you're got something special.

Because of my undying adoration, I've been on the search for a replacement pair. I haven't had any luck with that so if anyone has a line on possible backup sandals, please sing out!

The adoration, I’d say, is perfectly understandable, especially given this:


Asymmetry! It's like wearing hip mismatched socks, without feeling like one's feet has been stuffed into sausage casings.

I’ve been seeing these awesome sandals pop up in Becky’s outfit posts for quite a while, and I finally decided to look into their makers, BC Footwear. Calling their design style “West Coast Cool,” BC footwear aims to fuse together oppositional influences such as high fashion and DIY, vintage and modern, into something “radically different, spontaneous and unpredictable.” Here are few gleeful samples from their current catalog:

Would if I Could:


Meal Ticket:

Cup of Tea:

Salt and Pepper:

Sweet Success:

I'd say they succeed in their goals...what do you think?

I'm thinking I should go behind the scenes of this whimsical brand...if you have any questions you'd like answered, eMail them to me at fsisa [at] thefrontpageonline [dot] com.

Oh..and many thanks to Becky for sharing her fabulous sandals with us...

Image disclaimer: Images of Becky's colourful and asymmetrical sandals borrowed with her kind permission. Shoe images from BC Footwear borrowed under fair use from; they will be removed at the copyright owner's request.


Mica said...

I like Becky's colourful sandals, and the rest of the shoes you posted. Shame they don't ship to Australia as they have some lovely pieces! :)

Frederik Sisa said...

Oh, that's a shame. Such a cruel tease...

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