Tuesday, April 16, 2013


No, I'm not walking around without any underwear on. But I am, metaphorically speaking, taking off the fashionoclast garb and bringing this grand fashion blogging experiment to an end. It amazes me that this little blog, which I stared on March 9th, 2009, has gone on for four years. Four! Years! Alas, The Fashionoclast will be a single-term president for various reasons. Some have to do with marketing realities, but the crux is that I no longer feel motivated to write about fashion - at least, not on a regular basis.

It's become tiresome to keep walking into stores and seeing the same ol' tired - and limited - selection of men's fashion, for one thing. And men's fashions are even an afterthought for my favourite designers, however brilliant. I understand that women's fashion is where the love, and money, are (as well as the love of money), and don't begrudge the imaginative variety of options for women. Yet there's only so many time I can bang my head against the wall and bemoan that the energy and enthusiasm lavished onto women's designs is rarely exerted on behalf of men. There are only so many loafers and flip-flops, so many limited variations on the same theme of shirts and pants, that I can stand.

Of course, I understand that the industry orients itself to the market, and between society's fetish for women's feet and cultural double-standards of beauty, it's not surprising that both big and indie fashion are mostly focused with satisfying women's footwear/sartorial needs and desires. Considering that there are zillions of blogs already covering women's fashion in exhaustive details, most with the benefit of lady bloggers who can actually model the clothes and shoes, I don't feel like I have anything unique or worthwhile to contribute to the topic, even as a cheerleaders for talented folk. If I don't have something to say, I'm not the type to say it in a loud voice. And fashion blogging as a spectator sport is losing its appeal.

I could take the activist route, start a fashion company, be my own fashion designers and just stick it to the world. Damn the torpedoes! And all that.

But no. That won't work.

In any case, no more ranting. I'm sure you don't want to read frothy rants, and I sure as heck don't want to write them. So let's just say the time has come to refocus my efforts on other, more fruitful projects and endeavours, such as getting a novel published, building up my professional career brand, and so on and so forth, etc., etc., etc.. Blogging here has been, thankfully, fun more often than not, and I'm grateful for the genuinely creative people I've encountered over the years, both among readers and among the designers I've featured.

Before I sign off, I want to be sure you don't leave with empty hands. So here are fashion blogs I humbly suggest you bookmark and read regularly, in no particular order...

  • Away from the Blue: I started reading Mica's friendly and charming blog almost from the time she started it, and it's been great  fun to see how her style has changed over time. Mica has none of the pretensions that fashion bloggers are prone to, and that's refreshing. Down-to-earth and lovely.
  • Pump Up the Frump: Nobody styles vintage finds like Becky does, which is reason enough to follow her exploits. But she puns too, which is all the more endearing, and fearlessly dares where few dare to dare.
  • Blooberry Muffin: Jessica's blog lives up to its tagline of "life and everything in it - food, friends, animals, travels, musings and pretty things." It's sweetly eclectic and always a delight.
  • Stylish With A Budget: Though this be budget, yet there is style in it! And how "budget" is Isabel Marant, anyway? June is an architect, and her love of design extends to the world of fashion with ever-stylish outfit posts. Word.

And, of course, other fine blogs in the sidebar at right...

As for me, I'll still be around the ol' internet. I'd be thrilled and honoured if you followed me at my blog ink & ashes, where I just might throw in the occasional fashion morsel among the buffet of politics, culture, arts, and entertainment commentary.

Although this is the end of the line for The Fashionoclast, it's not quite so permanent as staking it through the heart. Better to say that it's going into an indefinite hiatus, with the archive of posts still available for perusal and the possibility that perhaps someday I'll revive it.

Thank you for reading. In the words of Douglas Adams, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Monday, April 1, 2013


This lovely foot is, obviously, not mine; it’s Becky’s, and it’s on loan to us from Pump Up the Frump to model a pair of sandals that justify trotting out that clichéd fashionista adjective, “fabulous.” Eye-catching, irrepressibly fun, playful…fabulous...what’s not to love?

04-18 sandal

Says Becky:

I love these sandals more than any rational person should. I bought them years ago and they never fail to garner compliments. Perhaps even more importantly, they are that rare combination of beautiful and practical that always seems to elude me... great for going out or for spending an afternoon in a canoe. And when a single sandal can take you from creek to club, you know you're got something special.

Because of my undying adoration, I've been on the search for a replacement pair. I haven't had any luck with that so if anyone has a line on possible backup sandals, please sing out!

The adoration, I’d say, is perfectly understandable, especially given this:


Asymmetry! It's like wearing hip mismatched socks, without feeling like one's feet has been stuffed into sausage casings.

I’ve been seeing these awesome sandals pop up in Becky’s outfit posts for quite a while, and I finally decided to look into their makers, BC Footwear. Calling their design style “West Coast Cool,” BC footwear aims to fuse together oppositional influences such as high fashion and DIY, vintage and modern, into something “radically different, spontaneous and unpredictable.” Here are few gleeful samples from their current catalog:

Would if I Could:


Meal Ticket:

Cup of Tea:

Salt and Pepper:

Sweet Success:

I'd say they succeed in their goals...what do you think?

I'm thinking I should go behind the scenes of this whimsical brand...if you have any questions you'd like answered, eMail them to me at fsisa [at] thefrontpageonline [dot] com.

Oh..and many thanks to Becky for sharing her fabulous sandals with us...

Image disclaimer: Images of Becky's colourful and asymmetrical sandals borrowed with her kind permission. Shoe images from BC Footwear borrowed under fair use from bcfootwear.net; they will be removed at the copyright owner's request.