Monday, March 4, 2013

yvette's painted nails...a guest review of sheswai lacquers

Hello, all. This week's post comes from my friend Yvette, who had herself a bit of fun with a few samples of Sheswai lacquers...

Frederik asked me to sample a couple of new colors by Sheswai and to write up a review about it.  My response?  “Fuck Yeah!” This, incidentally, is the name of the first nail polish that I checked out.  “Fuckyeah” is kind of an electric, fuchsia color.  It goes on smoothly and has good coverage in two coats, but it dries very, very matte.  It was a bit flat for my taste as I prefer my nail polish to be a bit on the glossier side, but a coat of clear polish over it seemed to do the trick.

Rootsy” on the other hand, is a pretty caramel color that has a nice gleam to it. I love, love, LOVE this color!  It looked a little boring in the bottle but don’t let it fool you…It looks so much better on the nail.  Rootsy is an earthy, rich, and appealing hue that goes on effortlessly with just two coats.

The combination of Rootsy and Fuckyeah together is quite striking.  I used Fuckyeah on my ring fingernails and Rootsy on the others, which provided an eye-catching effect.  I received a lot of compliments on my manicure that week.

Like all of Sheswai’s polishes, Fuckyeah and Rootsy are free of formaldehyde, dbp, and toluene.  I always feel good about using Sheswai for this reason.


melisa said...

I love the color combination of the brown and pink and it is nice to know there are products out there without formaldehyde. Is Sheswai a local company as well?

Frederik Sisa said...

Hey Melisa! I agree, Yvette came up with a pretty combination! :)

Sheswai is based in Beverly Hills, but as far as I know they don't have their own store. They did just update their website with a list of stores (salons?) that carry their products. Check it out here:

Thanks for the question!

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