Friday, March 1, 2013

red pants ain't no lie

Geez, you guys.

Anyway, although frivolity has left the building, here's my featured outfit for the week (as it were). And no, I have no idea what kind of slouchy stance I'm in.

Ain't no lie...

American Apparel may dominate when it comes to bright colours, but I really dig Dickies' fire-engine red skinny pants.

Flowering skull

This shirt by Calvin Klein actually has patches of different fabric on the shoulders, although the camera angle doesn't pick it up. You can get an idea, though, by the narrow underarm side-panels. Other than the artsy floral skull, the cut of this shirt strikes me as a more relaxed yet contemporary interpretation of the usual boring and preppy polo shirt.

No challenge this week. Work to do, and more work.


Mica said...

ah sorry I forgot to submit my frivolous Friday! I did try a new thing too, not a very exciting thing (just belting something) but something I'd been wanting to try for a while.

Like the red pants with the printed shirt :)

Hope work calms down for you soon!

Frederik Sisa said...

Oh, no worries. I suppose I have to come up with more inspiring challenges.

And thanks. :)

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