Monday, March 25, 2013

on the ropes

So why are these rope sandals still in the box and not, as you might expect, on my feet?

Before I answer, let me mention that these are the second pair of rope sandals I've come to own. The first were a pair of Gurkees (Neptune, if I remember correctly). They looked great, garnered many compliments, and were comfortable...except for the fact that the soles were uncushioned making it a trial to walk on hard surfaces for extended periods of time. What finally did them in, however, was the way in which the rope frayed and wore at the heel, making the sandals look cheap and ratty. So much for rope sandals.

Then came the opportunity to try rope sandals from another company, one that offered a nifty lace-up style and, best of all, could bond the rope footbed to a Vibram sole as a custom job. The result is what you see above. Unfortunately, the design is not what I envisioned or expected, which was disappointing. Still, style-wise the sandals are fine; rope gladiators with a rope to wrap around the ankle. So why isn't that a picture of me wearing the sandals? Answer: because there's something about the fit that isn't quite right. Maybe they're too big. Maybe it's just the anticlimax of it all. Whatever it is, I'm not sure when I'll feel the urge to take them out of the box.

As for the company who made them, I'm going to keep that to myself. Sometimes plans go awry even with the best of intentions, and they've certainly been nice and gracious in dealing with my disappointment. Since this blog isn't about tearing anyone down, I'll just leave it at that.

Not quite the post I was hoping to write, but there you have it. C'est la vie!


Mica said...

Shame the sandals aren't right for you!

That's the downside to ordering shoes online, and why I'm very wary of buying anything where I don't already own or have owned the brand.

Frederik Sisa said...

Well, these things happen. As you say, that's the risk of ordering online.

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