Monday, February 11, 2013

upstairs/downstairs: ferragamo and trash & vaudeville

Greetings, all. I'm switching my regular posting day to Monday so I can free up Fridays for the return of...well, you'll have to check back on Friday to see what. In the meantime, this week's post is more  bout eye candy than yakkety-schmaketty, with contrasting fashionable offerings from the street and the runway. Let's call it the Upstairs/Downstairs post. Click images to enlarge.

Starting off, a few images from Salvatore Ferragamo's Spring/Summer 2013 women's collection. Although I normally don't tend to feature the high fashion designers because there are plenty of other bloggers who do, Demi Moore's impressive boots from last week's post inspired me to look at what Ferragamo had to offer. It was worth the look. Elements of futurism underline streamlined designs that feature an elegant use of material, texture, and asymmetrical lines, along with a playful tweak on form as demonstrated, for example, but the open-toed over-the-knee boots.

For more pieces from the S/S13 collection, click ye here. And in case you're wondering why I'm not sharing images from the men's collection: the bright colours of Ferragamo's menswear designs, while admirably bold, nevertheless give me a headache.

Moving on from the elevated runway to the gritty streets with just a few pieces on offer by Trash and Vaudeville, a New York rock 'n roll fashion institution since 1975 offering brands such as Tripp NYC, Tripp Darkstreet, and others. Admittedly, some of the pieces are throwbacks to the 80s (sometimes in an appealing way, sometimes not), but there's no denying their edge. It makes me miss the goth clubs here in LA, as well as Melrose before it priced up.

As it happens, I acquired a very cool jacket from Trash and Vaudeville. But you'll have to wait for a future outfit post to see it. Until then, there's always Trash and Vaudeville's website to bring you in touch with your inner punk.

Note: Ferragamo images borrowed from Salvatore Ferragamo's website under fair use for illustrative purposes only. The same applies to the images borrowed from Trash and Vaudeville's website. As usual, I will remove images at the copyright owner's request.


Mica said...

Love the Ferragamo runway shots! One day I dream to own a pair of their cute bow flats - my bestie got me more interested in the brand when she started working there.

Frederik Sisa said...

Yes, the flats are cute. I hope they are comfortable too, for their price! :)

Mica said...

hehe yes, sadly the price is the reason why my wish to own them is but a dream! :P

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