Friday, February 1, 2013

through the crushoeble

How about some shoe porn? Yes? Okay, follow me through the crushoeble…

These Aline sandals by Alexander Wang are fearlessly simple and, as result, supremely stylish. I love the upper calf strap, but I am concerned about how the vamp squeezes the toes together – not a very foot-friendly design detail.

 To give you an idea what the sandals look like on a pair of feet and legs, here’s a recent picture of Karolina Kurkova at Pasadena’s Langdam Hotel wearing the Alines at a panel for a new reality show this year called The Face.

Next up are these over-the-knee leather peep-toe boots – I’d actually say they’re more than peep-toes, but that’s quibbling. Despite the fact that Demi Moore looks very different to me these days, she sure does rock those boots, which I believe are from Salvatore Ferragamo. The word fierce is overused – thanks, Tyra Banks – but entirely appropriate. I can imaging the boots growling in the closet if left unworn for too long. I'll have more on Salvatore Ferragamo in a future post.

Photo By Donato Sardella/WireImage

Of course, no shoe roundup would be complete without a few Fluevogian delights. The Mini Bees Knees takes a spats-inspired designs, injects a lot of buzz, and comes out stunning in the way only a Fluevog shoe can. These lovelies succeed in being both retro and modern at the same time.

And for the guys, have you seen Fluevog’s Swordfish designs? This is a new colour in their Cooper line, that is , an all-black shoe. I don’t think I could pull it off, but I admire it all the same.

Finally, Mohop is no longer offering their Ready-to-Wear line but are, instead, offering a collection called Moped. Available in four different heights (flat, low, mid, and high), the ergonomically carved mopeds feature flexible soles, a cushioned faux-leather footbed for comfort, and sustainably sourced wood, all made in the US. And how about this: the mopeds come with arch support and concave-cupped heels. Janet from Mohop relayed an interesting morsel: they source their wood (cherry, maple, and walnut) from fallen trees in their local parks. In keeping with Mohop’s unique designs, the mopeds also feature ribbon loops that allow for a dizzing diversity of configurations. Here's their mid height moped:

And I've been assured that Mohop designs for men are very much on Annie Mohaupt and her team's minds, so don't despair, men. Our turn will come.

There you go.

What are your favourite shoes? Send me a photo and a description of why you love that particular pair of shoes, and I'll feature you in a future post! eMail

Image disclaimer: Fluevog shoes images borrowed from Mohop sandal images borrowed from Alexander Wang sandals were just found lying around the internet. Image of Demi Moore has already been credited above. All images are the property of their respective copyright owners and are used her under fair use for illustrative purposes only. I will take them down upon request.


Mica said...

The Alexander Wang ones I can't make up my mind on - I like the idea but it does look a little odd. Really like the mohop ones! :) said...

Frederik, you could totally pull off the Swordfish ones!

I have a soft spot for ankle straps. I have always loved them! But I suspect I won't be able to walk in those A-Wang ones... Love the way it looks though.

I want to send you an entry of my favourite boots but I have problems deciding which ones!

Frederik Sisa said...

Thanks, Jessica. Maybe I will give them a try next time I step into a Fluevog store...nothing beats empirical testing!

Having seen pictures from your shoe collection, I can see why making a choice would be a challenge. I'm sure that whatever you choose will be very striking indeed. :) said...

You have to post peektures if you try them on! :D

Frederik Sisa said...

I'll try to remember my camera. :)

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