Friday, February 15, 2013

the return of frivolous fridays: tarts & vicars

Becky may have left us to focus on her own blog, Pump Up the Frump (which you should absolutely check out), but her cheery influence lives on. That's right, it's the return of Frivolous Friday challenges, and we begin with a movie clip:

Ever since seeing Bridget Jones' Diary I thought it would be fun to have a tarts and vicars party. It just seems like a marvelously, wickedly silly thing to do. That hasn't happened yet, so the next best thing is a Frivolous Friday challenge with, you know it, the theme of...

Tarts & Vicars

As with past challenges, the goal is to use the theme to find inspiration for new outfits, whether through brand-new clothes or creative combinations of existing items in your wardrobe.

Here is the rule, and by "rules" I mean "loose guideline:"

Don't be literal and dress like you're going to walk Hollywood Boulevard at night, or take confession, or take confession on Hollywood Boulevard. Unless you really, really want to.
Wear your ensemble in the coming week, then snap a picture and send it along with your thoughts on the outfit by Thursday, February 21st at 17:00 (Pacific Standard Time). Send it where? Here:

Have fun!

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Mica said...

Oooh this is a hard challenge to kick off with! I'll need to think about this for a bit....

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