Friday, February 22, 2013

frivolous friday challenge: reader's choice

I quite like collarless shirts, much as I like Nehru jackets, for their sleekness. Of course, the result can be a rather priestly look. For this Cubavera shirt, I opted against a severe all-black ensemble that would really make me look like a vicar. Instead, I paired the shirt with my re-use jeans and a pair of biker-style boots. The overall ensemble isn't earth-shattering style, but it was effortless and, in my view, a departure from the usual collared-shirt-and-jeans look.
A word about the boots. The brand is Natha Studio, and they were a semi-accidental purchase from DSW. (I didn't set out to buy them, but I did need to replace a well-used pair of ankle-boots.) Of course, I should have gotten myself some Fluevogs. Still, I like the harness detail, the fit is comfortable, and they add a slightly roguish quality to any outfit.
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I'm struggling with a cold (again!), so I'm not feeling very inspired to come up with a theme for the next challenge. So, feel free to make up your own.

Reader's Choice

If you have something to share, please send along a pic or two, along with your thoughts on the outfit, to me by the end of day Thursday, February 28th. Where? The usual:


Mica said...

Great outfit for the challenge! I couldn't think of anything :(

Hope you get over your cold soon! said...

This outfit is perfection! I love dressing down dressy top with jeans and boots. And I love your biker boots too. I just my first pair of bikers!

You need some Airborne! I have been taking it everyday now since NV. It works!!

Frederik Sisa said...

Thank you, ladies. Very kind of you!

Unfortunately, I didn't take the picture well enough to see the shirt's's not straight black. The un-collar pic gives a hint, though.

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