Friday, January 11, 2013

bourbon outfitter

Once more into the breach, dear readers, as 2013 gets well under way. I hope you enjoyed wonderful holidays, whatever your celebration (or non-celebration) of choice, and wish you all the best for the New Year. And now…

The people have spoken – well, all two of them – and the results are in: outfit posts. I still intend to bring interviews, features, and anything else comes to mind, but this year I resolve to bring you outfit posts on a semi-regular basis. I hope you’ll bear with me as I get work the glitches out - I’m not much of a photographer – and do a little more housekeeping around the blog over the next few weeks.

By popular request, then, let’s do this thing with the year’s first outfit post. Alas, no bourbon was involved in the making of this post, despite the title. That’s not false advertising, by the way. That’s just what it takes to pun, sometimes.





Shirt: Ring of Fire "Irvington"
Jeans: Reuse "Protect"
Clogs: Troentorp "Audubon"

The weather’s been chilly here in LA, which prompted me to go on a hunt for long-sleeved shirts – unsurprisingly, most of my wardrobe is suited to the more typical warm and sunny SoCal weather. This shirt from brand Ring of Fire is one of several pieces acquired from beneath the tree, initially selected for my wish list because of the Western-inspired detailing and pearl buttons. I also favor comfort and convenience in what I wear, but this shirt demonstrates that it is possible to get structural and ornament as well. I only had a picture to go by in choosing this shirt, and I’m really glad it turned out so well. Returns, as we all know, are such a hassle.

The Reuse jeans, you might recall from a past post, are notable not only for being stylish, but for being made from recycled textile waste in China. Eco-jeans, yeah! And the clogs are from a venerable Swedish clogmaker, Troentorp, whose designs consistently strike a balance between the traditional and the contemporary, resulting in a timeless look.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you much about the belt buckle. I can’t even remember where I bought it. But it consistently is a compliment-getter. And it’s not the most garish buckle I own, by far. The trick to wearing it, as with any particularly attention-getting buckle, is to avoid monochromatic outfits in which the eye has nowhere to go but straight to the buckle and, ahem, associated region. Belt buckles, if you please, not cod pieces. Words of wisdom, there.

I’ll feature more of my wardrobe’s new arrivals in future posts. In the meantime, what new fashion goodies did you get – either as a gift from others or a gift to yourself? Leave a comment or, if you have a blot post, share the link!



Mica said...

I love the detail on that shirt - very nice gift :)

I was extremely lucky to get a shopping day as part of my present so my wardrobe is bulging even more now with all of the new items I received! And the gift cards were used up quickly, haha!

Clothing can be such a thoughtful gift.

Frederik Sisa said...

I made it a point to ask for clothing since I hadn't bought myself anything. I have some more neat pieces coming up. Sounds like you scored too...actually, judging from your recent posts you really have some lovely dresses and such. :)

Becky Haltermon said...

I'm pretty excited about more outfit posts! Hurray!

Frederik Sisa said...

Hey Becky! I'll try to live up to the high standards you and Mica set...:)

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