Friday, January 25, 2013

at the corner of plaid and stripes

Button-down shirt: Dickies
Long-sleeved shirt: Entour (?)
Jeans: Levi's 501
Clogs: Troentorp

I'm not sure what prompted me to covet a striped shirt a few years ago - maybe it was watching Beetlejuice or some other Tim Burton film. In any case, I got it in my head to add a bit of striping to my wardrobe. After some searching, I found this shirt at Hot Topic, which an interesting store on account of straddling both the mainstream and the counterculture. My impression is that Hot Topic isn't big with those in the real scenes...yet they must be doing something right, because they're still going strong - for example, in a local mall. As I see it, Hot Topic may be commercial, but if that means keeping the lights on for those delicious little subcultures like goth, punk, and more recent developments like emo, well, a bit of broad capitalism is a small price to pay to introduce the kids to something beyond the usual mainstream pop. There's an indie heart beating beneath the gloss; I think it's just not a matter of taking on a more-alternative-than-thou attitude.

But back to the outfit: I just love how the stripes provides a contrasting pop to the monochromatic black. It's fun, a bit edgy, but doesn't induce migraine headaches from pattern overload.

Shirt: Pendleton's
Jeans: Levi's 511
Clogs: Sanita

Ok, so I look like I've suddenly found myself in an L.L. Bean catalog and am none too thrilled about it. But I assure you that, really, I am smiling. The wool shirt is from the legendary Pendleton's, and a recent acquisition from my local purveyor of retro goodness, My Baby Jo. It fits my general colour rule - black with sanguinary colours - and is also warm and comfy. And somehow, it manages to end up on the stylish side of rugged, an impression helped by not having the facial hair (or head of hair) of a mountain man. The clogs, of course, don't quite suit the look. But I didn't really want to wear shoes, it was raining out, and my beat-up Sanitas were really the only shoes that quite fit the relaxed comfort I wanted.

Besides, I never really wanted to be a fashion blogger. I admit it. I wanted to be a lumberjack.


Mica said...

haha the last sentence made me giggle :)

Really like your layering in the first outfit :)

Frederik Sisa said...

Thank you, Mica...there's not often much cause for the to layer given the weather, but it's nice when it cools down enough to be able to put on a few layers without worrying about a meltdown. :) said...

Sigh... I am missing layering weather very much!

Last sentence made me laugh as well. Both outfits look good to me. I think the clogs are not completely unsuitable. They lend a touch of casual to the look while the sleekness of the upper keeps it from going too casual.

Frederik Sisa said...

I find that when it's layering weather I miss summer weather and when it's summer weather I miss layering weather. Go figure. :)

Thanks for sharing your perspective. Much appreciated! I like your take on the clogs with the lumberjack outfit.

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