Sunday, November 4, 2012

another pot-pourri of fashion

by frédérik sisa

Between work and feeling somewhat adrift in my various endeavors, including this blog, this week's offering consists of a pot-pourri of fashiony stuff. And I apologize for the delay, but I was out of town and without Internet access.

Troentorp Fall/Winter

We begin with a look at Troentorp Clog's Fall/Winter collection, which include some really sweet designs featuring, in most cases, alderwood soles, cowhide leather uppers, and all the posture-correcting goodness you'd expect from clogs. Prices are around 85 Euros, except for the boot which is 160 Euros.

For instance:

The Edith boot-

 The Mary Jane -

The Penny -

And my favourite, The Pixie:

Note: All clog images borrowed from under fair use. They will be removed at the copyright owner's request.

Scary Beautiful...Shoes

You may have seen this sometime ago. I believe Yahoo briefly featured an article about it amidst the nonsense that is the electoral campaign. But if you didn't, here it is. Most people who watch seem to miss the point of artist Leanie van der Vyver and Dutch shoe designer René van den Berg's collaboration, which is to illustrate, via exaggeration, the ordeals we will subject ourselves to in order to achieve ever-shifting standards of beauty. Naturally, this applies to women more than men, which makes for a very loaded artistic commentary on the nature of fashion.

What do you think?


Finally, I've been getting eMails about this crowdsourced style inspiration thingy, which seems conceptually similar to Pinterest. It's called StyleSaint. Before I spend any time on it, how about you have a look and tell me if you dig it?

3 comments: said...

LOL! That is hilarious and spot-on at the same time... The things we subject ourselves to for the sake of vanity!

Mica said...

That video is crazy! The shoes are insane!

Can't say that all the heels I've ever worn have been the most comfortable shoes though so it does have a point ;)

Have heard about stylesaint before but I'm not into pinterest so it doesn't interest me either.

Frederik Sisa said...

Indeed, ladies. Indeed. :)

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