Friday, August 24, 2012

hell hath no fury like a bunny shorned

by frédérik

I’d like to draw you attention to a brand I discovered courtesy of a lovely dinner conservation prior to a Dead Can Dance concert. The brand is called Hell Bunny, and along with brands Spin Doctor and Chet Rock, it is a distinctive collection by London-based alternative fashion designers Popsoda. With two seasons a year and prints designed in-house, Hell Bunny offers edgy variations on retro styles – think the swinging 50s with a dose of goth and punk.

While I can't speak to the brand's eco-consciousness or manufacturing standards, I will at least highlight the striking designs as an example of how to successfully blend styles. Hell Bunny's designs are imaginative, flirty, sexy, playful, eye-catching, iconoclastic, gorgeous, and just a little bit out of this world...

Here's a sampling from the Angel Clothing Co.'s online stock:

Fifties style dress with halter neck and a full circle skirt. The pattern consists of white polka dots,strawberries and cherries.

Choppin Sue Dress

Infected Dress

Black stretch mini dress with lace trim and fishnet underlayer.

Mindkilla Dress 

Black chiffon dress with white star pattern.

Psycho Cameo Corset

Black Zip-front bodice style corset with a white/grey skeleton cameo print pattern.

Rose Vera Dress

Fifties style dress with halter neck and a full circle skirt.

A peek at upcoming Hell Bunny design's, courtesy of Hell Bunny's facebook page:

And for fun, here's video of the Hell Bunny Spring/Summer 2012 photoshoot

If you're in Europe, there are plenty of online retailers, like Angel Clothing Co., selling Hell Bunny clothes - just run a search. Here in the US, you'll find Hell Bunny at Hot Topic. Of course, if you already have Hell Bunny in your closet I'd love to read about it...just leave a comment or send me an eMail. Many thanks to Melissa K. for introducing me to this brand!

Note: Images borrowed from Angel Clothing Co.'s website and Hell Bunny's facebook page under fair use for illustrative purposes only. They will be removed at the copyright owner's request.


Mica said...

ooh such nice pieces! All very different in their own way, but they look good :) Thank you for sharing.

Frederik Sisa said...

Glad you enjoyed the post, Mica! Hell Bunny has very nice pieces indeed! :)

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