Friday, August 31, 2012

another delightful dose of watch design

by frédérik

I always enjoy seeing an eMail from Jack Markuse in my inbox, because it always means I'll be treated to a dose of outstanding design from a company I've enjoyed keeping up with over the years. And if I'm treated to great design then, dear readers, you get treated too. So,with merely a note in passing to suggest that if you want to get a bit of background on Projects Watches you should consider (re)visiting past posts, let's get to good stuff.


Designed by award-winning watch designer Fredi Brodmann, this art-deco inspired watch features a light-up dial (at the push of the red button.) It's called "Folly," after the architectural affectations typical of yesteryear.

Inspired by a design from Timor Kalman, founder of the classic M&Co, this watch emerges from the delightful childhood scribblings of daughter Lulu.

And here's a preview of watches to be released shortly:

Deja Vu, desiged by Denis Guidone. Available October.

Moon Crater

Sometimes, designed by Dennis Guidone, in Brass.

Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Naturally, there's a lot more to discover at the Projects Watches website.

Note: Images used courtesy of Jack Markuse/Projects Watches for illustrative purposes only. Thye will be removed at the copyright owner's request.


Mica said...

Very nice watches! The scribble one is my favourite :)

Frederik Sisa said...

Hi Mica! It's hard for me to pick just one favourite...:)

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