Saturday, July 28, 2012

sports and designing for culture

by frédérik

Alas, plans went awry and I'm still not ready to get back into full-speed blogging. However, since I'm not on vacation and merely back in the quagmire that is a busy work schedule, I didn't want to leave you with nothing to see. And so, after ranting about l'affaire Lauren and the US Olympic Team uniforms, here's an interesting bit about sports attire attuned to an athlete's religious beliefs.

I know, this isn't a post about style per se...and yet, there's a lesson about how apparel design must serve needs other than style.


Mica said...

That was really interesting, thanks for sharing :) Didn't think about the uniforms being too restrictive for some people to compete, it's nice they are taking that into consideration now.

Frederik Sisa said...

Glad you found it interesting, Mica. On a related note, I just watched the US's May and Walsh play against Australia's Cook and Hinchley (sp?) and they were covered up. The IOC no longer requires beach volleyball women players to play in bikinis, which is good step towards combating sexism imho.

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