Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: Readers' Choice

by Becky

Friday's challenge was all about pushing your own personal boundaries. Except at my office. I told them what their challenge was. Because I'm bossy.

First up, the indomitable Mica tried her hand (torso?) at pattern mixing! 

030512 awayfromblue fcuk tribal print skirt cotton on star print top balenciaga sapphire city bag

She says it's, "Something I'm not very good at and need to try more."

I'd say she's pretty good at it. Read more on her blog.

My Kentucky colleagues went to work on Friday decked out in their finest derby hats. (Because, okay, I told them to.)


That's Emily, me, Ashley, Val, and Caroline... Looking mighty fine!


Amanda and Anne had to have their own personal derby day photoshoot... Such divas!

Well done, all!


And now, this week's challenge: Something borrowed.

I don't know about y'all, but I have been subject to more than my fair share of matrimonial gatherings of late.  My sister got hitched a few weekends ago (still recovering, thank you for asking) and I hit up another knot tying last Saturday.

So, with the sartorial guidelines for brides and the increase in couples activities, I've been thinking about stealing articles of clothing from significant others.

My favorite way to wear stolen western shirts and my favorite man from which to steal them

Or sisters. Or buddies. Or pets, if you happen to have a particularly well-appointed poodle.

Lift a locket from your lady. Misappropriate moccasins from your man. Pinch a parka from your papa. Grab a gown from your grandma. Find footwear from a friend. Cop some corduroys from your cousin.

You get the idea.

Raid someone else's closet and email me the evidence by Sunday, May 13 (also, don't forget Mother's Day)!


Mica said...

Thanks for featuring me! :)

I love the hats for derby day, everyone looks fab, some very stylish hats! :)

I will need to think about this week's challenge...

fashion emo said...

Fashion has always been a reflection of the collective insecurities of our society. Create your style and feel comfortable to it. Clothing recognizes our personality unto our viewers.

Frederik Sisa said...

Yes, indeed, fashion emo. Thanks for your comment! Of course, sometimes what we wear has less to do with meaning or projecting our personalities and more to do with simple aesthetic preference. Either way, it's not so much what we wear but how we wear it that makes the difference.

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