Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: Funky Footwear, Part II

First, I want to thank Frédérik for covering for me on Monday. My sister got hitched over the weekend and I suffered from a fun times (and champagne) hangover for two solid days.

I will say that the shoes I wore as the maid of honor were fabulous.


But for the rehearsal dinner on Friday, I did ornament my feet in some of the most ridiculous slippers known to man.


Behold: My Jeffrey Campbell platforms. They always look out of place (perhaps because the only place they truly belong is on the feet of a 1970s stripper) but they appear even stranger when paired with a pasture.

My equine companion, Maggie, was thoroughly perturbed.

Because I wasn't at work on Friday, my frivolous-to-the-max coworker Anne shared these hot heels with me via text.

Frivolous Friday: Funky Footwear

She says: "Funky footwear is a state of mind for me, so this week's challenge was particularly formidable for me. I chose a pair of highly obnoxious snake skin shoes. Oh, and it's real snake. No, don't believe me? What's throwing you? The fact that it's pink? It's a razor rattlesnake! I paid top dollar for these, promise!"

Heehee! However much she paid for them, they look like a million bucks!

And now, for this Friday's challenge...

Derby Day at TJ Maxx

We Kentucky office ladies are primed and ready for Derby Day on Saturday, so you will find all of us in our most opulent derby hats! Mint juleps all around!


Frederik Sisa said...

It may be that on a stripper, those JCs looks like they're supposed to come off along with everything else. But you class them right up and they exhibit that bold, free-spirited, dare I say "wild" exhuberance we've come to know and love about you. If ever there was an example of "it's not what you wear but how you wear it," your bright red shoes and matching nail polish (if I'm seeing correctly) are it. Moxie, thy name is Becky. :)

About Anne's shoes: I normally hate, hate pointy shoes. However, I will admit that those snake skin heels are too outrageous not to like. They're like a rock 'n roll scandal for the feet. Well played, Anne. Well played indeed.

Mint juleps! I'm so envious. Disney has rather cloying juleps, and despite my talents as a mixologist, I haven't quite mastered the recipe for at home enjoyment. So yeah. Mint juleps. Sigh.

Mica said...

Congrats to your sister Becky! :) Love your heels they are fantastic :)

Becky Haltermon said...

Thank you both for your kind comments! F, I'm continually enamored of your thoughtful comments... You're a prince!

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