Monday, April 30, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: Funky Footwear

by frédérik

Well. I never.

I never thought I'd see the day when shoes - shoes! - would generate such a yawning response. If I had a microphone, I'd be tapping it to find out it was on.

In any case, Mica heeded the call of the Frivolous Friday challenge and sent in some lovely pics of her lovely self. Behold the awesomeness that is...mouse flats!

To find out more about the pretty ensemble that Mica put together with the charming flats, visit her blog Away From Blue.

As for yours truly, I don't often wear shoes - I'm a bare feet and sandals kind of guy  - but when I do, I put one shoe on each foot. And given the fact that sandals outnumber shoes by 2-to1, I don't have to hem and haw for long to choose a pair when I need to. So, for this challenge I turned to the first pair of Converse I've ever bought; ass-kicking high-tops with overlappingsymbols for peace and anarchy. Images on my shoes are as funky as I get, and these are the only pair I have that are ornamented this way. As for the outfit, it's nothing especially special - striped dress shirt and skinny pants - but there you go. At least I'm not being serious.

America's Next Flop Model

"He has given us...a shoe!"

When I die 
let the black rag fly 
raven falling 
from the sky. 

Let the black flag lie 
on bones and skin 
that long last night 
as I enter in. 

For out of black 
soul's night have stirred 
dawn's cold gleam, 
morning's singing bird. 

Let black day die, 
let black flag fall, 
let raven call, 
let new day dawn 
of black reborn.
-Black Flag, by George Woodcock

For this week's Frivolous Friday, I'm declaring another open challenge. That's right, it's...

Reader's Choice

The only rule: there is no rule. Wear something you like, and send me an electronic pigeon by Sunday May 6th to be immortalized. I leave it to you to challenge yourself.

In the meantime, just as life seems to be particularly hectic, remember to take inspiration from this wise creature. I know I will.

"Sometimes I sits and thinks. Sometimes I just sits."


Mica said...

Love the frog video :) Like your funky shoes too Frederik, wish our weather was nice enough all year round for me to wear sandals more. I'm already lamenting having to wear closed in shoes all the time. Seems like summer was over so quickly!

I'll have to think about what I can wear for the next challenge...

Frederik Sisa said...

I think between the two of us we saved the challenge. :)

Yeah, I admit to being spoiled. The first time I wore sandals on New Year's Day was weird but great. Weird because it doesn't feel right not to be freezing in winter, but great because it meant not having to wear shoes! Alas, that's just during the day. In winter mornings and evenings/nights are cold, so shoes are unavoidable.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the next challenge!

Becky Haltermon said...

F! You're a professional poser! I love it!

Frederik Sisa said...

Yup. A poser. That's me. Although I prefer to think of myself less as a poser than a bendable action figure. :)

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