Friday, March 9, 2012

the good, the bad, and the updates

by frédérik

I’m still waiting to hear back from a handful of interviewees, and working on a joint interview of a French clogmaker with Lindsey from Every Clog Has Its Day. Until all theses ships come back to port, I’m offering another potpourri in line with the categories mentioned in the title. Here we go.

The Good

I suspect the jeans have been discontinued, but Levi’s offered men a skinny-snug pair of jeans inspired by women’s styles. The call them “ex-girlfriend” jeans is silly, if not worse, but here it is, “An update of the five-pocket classic with an allover super-snug fit that's as skinny as it gets.”
Image borrowed from under Fair Use

It’s not much, and I'd rather see Levi's offer men flared jeans (in black, of course) but it looks fine and it’s nice to see designers appropriate from the other direction for a change, which brings me to…


Offered as unisex hosiery by Italian designer Emilio Cavallini, these tights retail for $27 and feature bold patterns, such as the two below.

Images borrowed from under Fair Use

Click here to see the whole collection.

Not really my thing, personally  - hosiery is just long socks to me, and I prefer not to wear socks if I don’t have to. Still, I love the boldness of the designs and applaud the effort. To any man who would wear a pair, I salute you.

But what do you think? Gentlemen, would you wear any of Cavallini’s tights? Ladies, would you like to see your fellah rock some mantyhose?

The Bad

Sandblasted jeans.

Sure, the creases and dents, the rough patching and fades, add a bit of kick to stylish jeans. But sandblasting exposes worker to the silica in sand, leading to a debilitating lung disease with no known cure called silicosis. (In turn, this can lead to a form of tuberculosis called silicotuberculosis. Scientists have also established a link between crystalline silica and cancer. As Mother Jones reports in a photo essay on workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, many major fashion brands have heeded the call to reject sandblasting, including Versace, Levi-Strauss, Benetton and other. Others have not; these include Dolce & Gabbana.

Bangladeshi worker. Image borrowed from Mother Jones under Fair Use.

Demonstrating yet again that a stylish fashionista must also be a conscientious fashionista, consider the workers who make your jeans the next time you see an attractive pair of sandblasted garments. To sign a petition urging Dolce & Gabbana to renounce the use of sandblasting in the production of its jeans, click here to visit the Clean Clothes Campaign.

And The Updates

Well, one update, from Sheswai Lacquer: the new spring/summer colours are here, and they’re lovely, lovely indeed. The teal is particularly striking, in my opinion.

Images borrowed from under Fair Use.

$16. From


Mica said...

Thanks for sharing about the sandblasted jeans! I didn't know this before. It lead me to do some more googling about it and I was amazed at what I learnt. I found this article really good too, although old:
As much as I love jeans, I'm going to try very hard not to buy any more unless I know where they are made. Shocking to read about, thank you for sharing.

Frederik Sisa said...

Thanks for sharing the link, Mica. The more I learn about fashion, and electronics, the more horrified I am about the high and invisible costs that come with what are, essentially, luxuries. If we can all be more informed consumers, we can use our buying power to persuade designers and manufacturers to do right by people and the environment.

stylish with a budget said...

about the mantyhose...are those for both men and women - i meant do both sexes can wear the same pair? do men's got an opening at the front?? wonder how that work??

Frederik Sisa said...

Looking at the pictures, it doesn't seem like they're is an opening for men. So, same pair for both men and women. I suppose that does raise a few practical questions...

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