Monday, March 12, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: Western Wear

This here's Becky, y'all, and I got to say that Fashionoclast readers ain't no varmints!

Um. I'm sorry. Ahem.

Anyway, the western wear challenge was a total success, thanks to the lovely Mica. I love LOVE her retro bandanna... The whole outfit has a casual but polished vibe. It's awesome, is what I'm trying to say.

072 western style scarf bandana jeans and boots

Says Mica, "I tried the western wear today with the bandanna scarf. I don't have cowboy boots so I wore some other boots. This isn't the first time I've been sad at my lack of cowboy boots!"

Marco Bolo.

Says Frédérik: "Western wear AND all in black. Twice the challenge, twice the frivolity!"


And here's me and my favorite accessory, Maggie. I went for a kind of Patsy Cline retro Opry cowgirl... What can I say? I love dressing like a cartoon character.


Frédérik here, and this week's challenge is brought to you by a sartorially triumphant white rabbit:

Reader's Choice

That's right: it's Pick Your Own Challenge Day on Friday, and I'm leaving it up to you to set a goal for yourself, put it in action on Friday, and report back to me with pictures and a description of your challenge before Monday, March 19th. Ready? Go!


Mica said...

Thanks Becky! You look great - Maggie is indeed the best accessory! Love Frederik's neck tie :)

I will need to think up my wildcard challenge! :)

Becky Haltermon said...

I second the adoration for F's bolo tie and pun!

I'm not sure what to do for the wildcard... I'm halfway moved into my boyfriend's home so with portions of my closet sprinkled throughout the region, perhaps the most challenging thing I could do is put together a cogent outfit... heehee!

Frederik Sisa said...

Thank you, ladies, for appreciating the tie. I'm looking forward to what you'll come up with for the wildcard challenge...

And Becky, judging from your posts at the Frump, I think you're doing just fine in the cohesion department. :)

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