Monday, March 5, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: All Black

Frédérik here, and...what happened? I'd say this challenged faded to black but, obviously, it didn't.

Black shirt, black jeans, black leather vest...yup, it's nice and not colourful, just how I like it. But dang, I'm glad I have no plans on being a fashion model.  I take the "i" out of poise...

...unlike Becky, who more than makes up in photogenic appeal what I lack.

All black All black 2

Says Becky: All-black really isn't my thing. However, this wasn't a bad look, considering I only got called Elvira once.

Becky's Turn!

This week's Frivolous Friday challenge: Western Wear

Western Wear

To illustrate this challenge, I will now faithfully reenact a conversation I just had with a coworker.

Anne: But I don't think I have anything western.
Me: No cowboy boots?
Anne: No.
Me: No snap-front western shirts?
Anne: No.
Me: No square dancing skirts?
Anne: No.
Me: No straw hats?
Anne: No.
Me: No Wrangler jeans?
Anne: No.
Me: No fringey leather coats or vests?
Anne: No.
Me: No bolo ties?
Anne: No.
Me: No equine-print dresses?
Anne: No.
Me: No bandannas?
Anne: No.

If you're like Anne, I suggest you saddle up and push your sartorial boundaries. And if you're like me, well... Try not to look like a rodeo clown.

Email me your photos by Sunday, March 11!


stylish with a budget said...

lol...the conversation was hilarious....
as you know..i love the all black look. it's simple and gives that confident vibe.

Mica said...

You both look great! I contemplated all black but I can't part with my bracelets so I would have failed.

Love your western conversation, it made me giggle.I was beginning to despair too until I realised I have scarves to make a we will see how that goes! :)

Wish I had a gorgeous horse like Becky does :)

Becky Haltermon said...

Stylish - I'm glad you like the conversation! And thanks for your kind comments on the all-black ensembles.

Mica - Thank you! Miss Maggie is a lovely horse, if I do say so myself... I'm sure you'll be equestrian-ready in your bandanna on Friday!

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