Monday, March 19, 2012

Frivolous Friday: Readers' Choice

Greetings and salutations! Frédérik here with the results of the Readers' Choice (AKA wildcard) challenge. Apparently, the choice for some readers was not to participate...ahem...but let's not dwell on that, shall we? Moving on...

Anne's personal challenge was to wear her cute tennis shoes. Not her running shoes, not her professional-lady-stilettos but her sadly neglected and totally adorable sneakers.

Becky's challenge: Being a joiner

Says Becky: "It was the Friday before St. Patrick's Day and, from what I can gather, the whole state of Kentucky is a little excited about some kind of sporting event. So, I wore green in honor of the much-toasted saint and blue to represent this little basketball team I've heard so much about."

Dickies give us our daily red.

Says I: My challenge was to wear something I hadn't worn to work before. Therefore, bright red skinny-straight pants from Dickies.

Becky's Turn!

This week's challenge: dance gear.

Dance Gear

Bring out your leg warmers, square dancing skirts, leotards, ballet flats, tutus, and stirrup leggings. And for good measure, go ahead and put your hair up in a bun. Think barn dance, line dance, dance hall, Flashdance, or Dance Dance Revolution. Whatever moves you.

Anne: What will the guys wear?
Me: Uhh.... Uhm. Tutus?

I suppose dudes could dress like Michael Jackson. Or someone from Rent. Be bold, men!

Email me your fantastic dance costume by Sunday, March 25!


Mica said...

Great results! I totally forgot about the challenge, oops! I definitely have ballet flats...wonder how else I can dancer up my look? Hmm :)

stylish with a budget said...

Frederik, i like your look the best!! red pants + black kind of color blocking.
i like becky's color theme for friday...very festive!!
i can't really see the tennis shoes..except the bottom...but that's a great photo nonetheless.

Frederik Sisa said...

Thanks, Mica. We missed your contribution but look forward to what you'll have for us in the next challenge.

And thank you too, June. Your kind words are much appreciated!

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