Monday, March 26, 2012

Frivolous Friday: Dance Gear

by Becky

Friday's dance outfit got a lot of attention.

dance here, dance there, dance gear

Everyone in my office seemed to approve.

I mean, I wore clear socks with black bands, tap shoes, and a skirt that is 100% fringe. If this outfit doesn't announce my youthful ebullience, nothing will! I felt pretty good about it, too, until I got home.

My man and his neighbor were at the workbench in the barn when I traipsed in. Before he looked up, my man hollered, "Hi babe!" Then he turned to look at me. And then he stopped what he was doing.

"Wow. Look what Becky's wearing."

His neighbor turned. "Wow."

This reaction is why I like these wardrobe challenges.

Shock your lover! Impress your coworkers! Amaze your neighbors!

Frivolity for life!


Frédérik, here. Alas, I had nothing for the dance wear challenge. I could have worn the shoes I used for ballroom dancing lesson, but that would have destroyed the soles. And there's a special place in heck for people who abuse their soles.

In any case, here's this week's challenge:

color blocking

The rules are:

No prints or patterns; monochromatic colours only.
Minimum of two colours.

Email me your colourful pics before next Monday, April 2nd, to live on in infamy.


Mandi said...

Such a great idea having a wardrobe challenge. I think it helps us think a little differently about what we wear and look at the great outfit. I think your look is brilliant! I wish someone came into my work like that.

xx Mandi

Dionne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I really like your comment, agree with you completely! I started following you.

X Dionne

Mica said...

Love Becky's outfit - especially the skirt! :)

The colour blocking challenge will be challenging! I usually get my best colour blocking through prints. I shall have to think more about this one :)

Inggrid Monalita said...

Hi sweetie,

I have just discovered ur blog. Great pics! And as you know, your blog is adorable, great, and interesting. Love ur blog dear!

Wanna follow each other?

Have a nice day!

Frederik Sisa said...

Thank you, Ladies. I agree with you: Becky always manages to bring the awesome. And thank you Mandi, Dionne, and Ingridd for visiting this little corner of the blogosphere. (Do spheres even have corners? lol)

Mica: It's going to be a challenge for me too, since I have a very limited colour palette! :)


Ruth Arthasya said...

Cute heels<3:)
I love wardrobe challenges, too:D Hahaha:D
Btw, u have a cute blog<3:)

Following you:)
It'll be so nice, if you follow me back:)

Have a sparkling day!

Frederik Sisa said...

Hello, Ruth. Becky's heels are cute indeed.

Thanks for following. I'll gladly return the favour. :)


Ally Munda said...

Fantastic fringey skirt! I love your theme posts.

Becky Haltermon said...

Thank you thank you thank you, all! My man was similarly stupefied by today's color blocking outfit, so I'm pretty excited to share it with you!

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