Friday, March 2, 2012

cocktails and dream shoes

by frédérik

The Mojito by British architect Julian Hakes has been making the fashion blog rounds, so I’ve been reluctant to devote a post to it here. However, since I’m waiting for some interviews to come in I figured I might as well post a little something about it. I’m stalling, yes, but it’s also not too hard to indulge a rave or two…the shoe is a) designed by an architect, which shows in both the shoe’s concept and fabrication; and b) absolutely gorgeous.

As yet another example about how the most interesting shoes are not merely foot-formed shapes but the product of concept intersection with function, the Mojita joins the superstar ranks of Mohop and United Nude. Designed to explore a shoe’s most fundamental structural function, the shoe emerged from a late summer night’s musing about shoe design. Realizing that the only parts of the foot that seem to really matter are the ball and heel – the midfoot has the strength to naturally span the two – Julian Hakes conceived an evolutionary shoe design inspired by the approach he uses to design bridges and, of all things, footprints in the sand.

Here’s a nice video giving you multiple perspectives of the shoe:

For more on the Mojito and other innovative, cutting edge footwear designs, I’m going to send you to Lust for Shoes. It’s a great blog for anyone interested in diving into the creative and, crucially, independent footwear design.

For my part, I’m just going to complain a bit about the fact that all these fancy designs are geared towards women. I know, I know, there’s nothing really stopping a guy from getting a pair if he so desires. But you’ve heard this complaint before, and since some vintages of whine all too easily turn to vinegar, I guess I won’t belabour the point.

I will, however, leave you with a question: if you could design your own shoe, what would you do? What qualities would you look for in your ideal shoe? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you’re feeling particularly creative, eMail me your sketches, doodles, or blueprints and I’ll feature them in a future post on dream shoes. I’d love to get a series of posts going on ideal footwear and apparel designs, featuring your ideas…

Usual disclaimer to keep legal types happy: Images and video borrowed from Julian Hakes website, facebook page, and youtube channel for illustrative purposes. If the copywright owner asks me to remove them, I will.


stylish with a budget said...

OMG...only architects would create a 3D modeling and a fly thru of a shoe.
wonder what software was it...maya?
would love to see someone wear them and in action...i can see some women archtects wear this design.

Frederik Sisa said...

It would be funny if he designed the shoe in Revit. SIM instead of BIM. Ha, ha, ha. :)

I think Hakes' youtube channel has some video with models wearing them on the runway. Nothing great, mind you, but...maybe if this is within budget YOU can be the live model? I can see the Mojito fitting in your wardrobe.

Mica said...

I hadn't seen this before, thanks for sharing!

I would love to be able to try these on!

An ideal shoe for me would be something with a heel to give me height, but that doesn't strain my knee injury, so probably some kind of wedge.

Frederik Sisa said...

Hi Mica! Unfortunately, details are sketchy as to where the Mojitos can be purchased and for how much.

So, height but good for knees. Makes sense. I'm sure you're not the only one with that ideal combination. There's gotta be something out there...have you seen this blog, Barking Dog Shoes? The lady who runs it is all about finding stylish shoes for, as she puts it, "fussy feet." I have an idea for you, but have to check it out first to make sure it's actually the right idea. Maybe that blog would yield a surprise find or two in the meantime:

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