Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things I Wish Men Would Wear: Jeremiah Johnson Edition

by Becky

This is a reoccurring series that I just made up.

Blogging with Frédérik has made me realize how lady-centric my posting can be. That's probably because I'm a lady and I'm self-obsessed and hence the whole blogging hobby.

So I've been trying to conjure ways to speak to men's clothing.

Et voilà: This series.


I wish men dressed like Robert Redford in Jeremiah Johnson.

Also, I wished more men looked like Robert Redford. DREAMBOAT.


Jeremiah Johnson

My boyfriend is an outdoorsman and was once drunkenly referred to as "Robert Fredford," so he feels a special kinship with this flick.

I haven't even seen it all the way through yet but I have decided that the costumes almost outweigh the thinly veiled anti-native racism.

Jeremiah Johnson

I mean, look at these guys.

Jeremiah Johnson

No one wears a hat (or hat hair) like ol' JJ.

Jeremiah Johnson

Okay, you can skip the mukluks. And I guess the rifle is not required.

Jeremiah Johnson

But who else could make a pile of bear guts look like a Ralph Lauren runway?

Jeremiah Johnson

So, you're not Robert Redford and you can't grow a rugged beard and you're not comfortable gutting bears?

No worries. You can still dress like it.

Buy these items asap!

Lucky Henley
Lucky Brand Henley

I have to say that the henley is the epitome of casual rugged male-ness. It's so easy to wear! And so warm! Come on, dudes!

Ely Cattleman Flannel
Ely Cattleman Flannel Shirt from JC Penney

I'm not talking your Urban Outfitters flimsy hipster flannel here. I mean something substantial that you could actually wear to a bonfire (or shootout with hostile natives) and not freeze your manhood off.

Gentleman's Emporium Pants - Copy
Twill Trousers from the Gentlemen's Emporium

Um, the store that sells these is called the Gentlemen's Emporium. If that alone does not sell you on them, nothing will.

LL Bean Trench
LL Bean Wool Blanket Trench

Want to wear a blanket all day? Me too.

Alpine Accessories Beaver Boot

Okay, as an environmentalist and vegetarian, I'm not sure I can endorse these boots with a clear conscience. But I know Jeremiah would approve and they'd look great with tight gentleman's pants.

OBEY Scarf
OBEY Navajo Print Scarf

Between shooting Indians, you can bite their style.

What do you think? Is this look too bizarre for the average man to achieve in his daily life?


Frederik Sisa said...

I'm wearing a henley. Specifically, one of these in black and grey:

I had flannel shirts, once. 12 years ago. But they didn't survive my purge in favor of an all-black wardrobe. :)

Mica said...

The wool blanket trench! They should make that for ladies I'm sure I'd live in it for winter :Giggles:

Becky Haltermon said...

Frédérik - I'm sure you could work up a Jeremiah outfit in all black... Rugged AND spooky!

Mica - LL Bean does have it in a ladies' cut:

But I actually just got a gray wool blanket coat that is fabulous in its minimalism... I'm sure I'll be photographing it soon for Pump Up the Frump!

Becky Haltermon said...

Mica - Whoops, wrong URL! Here it is:

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