Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Pants Party

by Becky

Pants: I'm just not that into them.

I like when I wear pants to work because everyone seems to stop what they're doing to comment on my undercarriage.

"Holy crap! You're wearing pants!"

And yeah, I like to mix it up a little and occasionally wear pants.

pants parade

But honestly? Meh.

Not only are they not really comfortable (my crotch needs to BREATH, man!) but they're not the most flattering garment for my body. Nor do I think they really look that great on many women at all.

Muffin Top
I kind of love her, whoever she is.

I made this drawing because I felt mean calling out any loud and proud muffin top purveyors. But look at this lady... She'd be much foxier in a dress.

Not that I think it's imperative that we ladies conform to a certain idea of how our bodies are "supposed" to look. It just seems to me that women, many of whom are dear loved ones, have pant-related blindness. They feel like that have to wear them. That they are the easiest thing to put on in the morning. That dresses are somehow a pain.

None of these things are true.

There is nothing easier in the world than wearing a dress. It's a whole outfit in one! Just put on some shoes and go!

dress + shoes = DONE

And, it has been my experience that finding a dress that is flattering is way way easier than scouring stores for your trouser soul mate.

It's like wearing jeans but better.

I also wonder at women who fear dress-related coldness in the winter. This is the time to don your fun tights, my friends!

09-04 party
flowered stems

...And some ladies in my life complain that they can't wear dresses because of the whole leg shaving thing. I say, Eff it.

02-25 sittin
Holy hairy legs, Batman!

What do you think? Are you pro-pant? Defend yourself! heehee!


Frederik Sisa said...

While on the topic of suffocating crotches, it seems to me that men would derive greater benefit from unbifurcated garments. After all, it's men who have the protuberances that get compressed in pants and, shudder, risk the bite of the dreaded zipper.

So, skirts and dresses for everyone!

It is interesting how dresses have lost some of their popularity, except for evening or formal wear. When it comes to "professional" attire, I almost exclusively see women wearing pants. It's almost as if women's work wear has emulated menswear as a means of displaying, through fashion, gender parity in the workplace. Dangnable stereotypes at work. Again. Sigh.

Mica said...

@Frederik - you could always go with a kilt!

Becky I loved this post but I have to disagree - you look great in pants! I adore my jeans - and when I didn't work in an office jeans were my staple outfit.
There is no denying though, like you said, that dresses are so much easier! shopping online I'm more likely to buy dresses - more forgiving and even if you do end up with the wrong size usually more forgiving than getting the wrong size of pants!

Becky Haltermon said...

I totally concur: Everyone in dresses!

And I have to agree... Women's workwear reached an epoch for me in the 1960s.

Becky Haltermon said...

Mica! Thank you for your kind comment! And excellent point about shopping online.

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