Monday, February 27, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: Sweater Vests

by Becky

Finally, a Frivolous Friday that my friends can get behind!

Sweater vest 2!
Sweater layering FTW!

Lisa K. was my sweater vest inspiration. She always wears sweater vests on Fridays and I think it's just about the most adorable idea ever. EVER.

Sweater vests!
Fashion show at lunch!

These are two of my beautiful coworkers, Ms. Emily B. and Ms. Anne Wolking. Emily was filled trepidation about mixing prints but, duh, she looks awesome. Anne always looks hot and her sweater vest merely ups her sass factor.

make up to lace up

And here's me. This is technically an antique dirndl and not really a sweater vest but it is very vest-ular and made of wool and so it counts.

Plus, this is my blog and I can make/break any rules I please!

embroidered in controversy

It's not argyle but it'll do.

Lousy pic, but seriously invested in this week's challenge.

Says Frédérik: "I had a Sweater Saturday since Friday was too warm. This item is notable for two reasons: 1) It's the only sweater vest I have; and 2) It's the only piece of clothing I have with any brown in it. Although it sometimes feels dangerously close to frump, I like it for its casual comfort and lack of pretensions."


Frédérik, here, thinking about how the goth content in my blood has been getting awfully low these days. Of course, regular booster shots of Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, Siouxie, Cinema Strange, and many other much-loved bands have been very helpful. But after spending years shedding colour from my wardrobe only to gradually veer off again, more or less, I've been feeling the call to get back to basic black.

There and black again.

And from this self-indulgence came the idea for this week's Frivolous Friday Challenge. Here it is:

the all-black ensemble

Go goth, dress for a funeral, or follow in Johnny Cash's sartorial footsteps...whatever you do, your mission is to come up with a fun, frivolous, mournful, and/or sinister Friday outfit without any colour whatsoever.

Following the usual routing, eMail me your pics before Monday, March 5th to be featured in the next Frivolous Friday post.


Mica said...

Love the roundup - great challenge result! :)

The all black would be very difficult for me, I shall have to think about how I would achieve it, I love my colours too much!

Frederik Sisa said...

Thanks, Mica. The challenge was well met indeed!

As for the next one, well, there's a reason we call them challenges, right? Hehe. :)

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