Friday, February 24, 2012

for a few updates more

Well, friends, as I work on some interesting interviews with more fascinating desires, I thought I'd regale you with a few updates from familiar Fashionoclast designers, beginning with snazzy and attractive new offerings from Projects Watches. Feel free to click on the images to embiggen.

The announcement describes this watch designed by award-winning Italian architect and designer Denis Guidone thusly:

Towards is characterized by a slanted case and a 55-degree shift in the position of the number twelve. The face is simple and elegant; to emphasize the re-orientation, the number twelve is printed on the glass, the crown placed below it on the case, and the date calendar at 5 o'clock.A flick of the wrist is no longer needed to balance space and time.

Also designed by Mr. Guidone is Sometimes:

Towards goes for $169, while Sometimes goes for $140. Check 'em out here.

Next up, designer of retro-inspired women's apparel Effie's Heart with a video highlighting their gorgeous and sassy Spring/Summer 2012 collection:

Effie's Heart - Spring Summer 2012 from Ana Villafane on Vimeo.

If you want a peek at the catalog, you can check out a PDF of their collection by clicking here.

Finally, you can get a look at Ugglebo's proposed Spring/Summer collection at Lindsey's blog, Every Clog Has It's Day. Click here. And if you'd like to read some feedback on the collection from Lindsey's readers, click here.

Speaking of Ugglebo, this is last call for questions to David Giese, presidence of Ugglebo Clogs. I'm sending in my questions, along with a handful of reader questions submitted to me, on Monday. If you missed the first call, here's a link to the original post introducing Ugglebo.

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Note: Projects images borrowed from Jack Markuse's press release for illustrative purposes only.


Mica said...

Thw watches look fun! I really like Ugglebo's idea of asking for feedback on the collection before it publishes it - fab way for fans to get involved and hope it gives the company lots of great feedback! I like the new styles - like the wedges!

Frederik Sisa said...

Projects watches are awesome. Some notable, established architects and designers have contributed to the collection, as well as relative new talents like Guidone.

Ugglebo's marketing folks are very active in spreading the word. They actually contacted me about the interview instead of vice versa. It's no wonder they've been around for so long. :)

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