Friday, January 13, 2012

time enough for style

by frédérik

This week we set our eyes on the past and the future as they could have been, should have been, or perhaps actually are whenever we let our imaginations wander. I came across both our past and future artisans at LA Comikaze – well, future anyways. Past may have been at Unique LA; I don’t quite remember exactly. Regardless, this week’s style theme is time travel, and the following two companies show how time, history, and alternate realities can offer fertile design paths. The results are gorgeous.

First up, we set the time machine to the Vintage That Never Was – steampunk, neo-victorian jewelry by Mystic Pieces. Started by Shelley Brooks, who dabbled in jewelry making from age 7 and went full-tilt two years ago after quitting her job in advertising, the collection features an elegant fusion of mechanical contraptions and fine jewelry.Time travelling jewelry, indeed.

Pennyfarthing Steampunk Necklace, Antique Brass with Antique Watch Movement and 17 jewels ($68)

Black and ivory cameo with filigreed setting and black ribbon ($38)

Brass filigree and antique watch movement with two topaz Swarovski crystals  ($56)

To learn more about how Shelley got started with Mystic Pieces, point and click your desk rodent here. To peruse her entire collection, get ye to

Next is a stop to the Future That Will (Alas) Never Be, as imagined by sci-fi dreamers of the 1950s. The company is called Museum of Robots, and yes, they really do love robots. Although the bulk of their design efforts has so far been with houseware products and home accessories, they’ve recently branched out into jewelry. They’re committed to sustainability and “re-interpreting industrial material into products that become useful yet entertaining ‘tools’ for daily life,” strive to be Made in America but, in the event they have to work with foreign manufactures, create partnerships in line with their values.

Faceted Agate Rocket ($50)

"Force Field" Necklace with Res Jasper, Labradorit, Blue Jasper, and Pewter ($75)

For these and more, check out

How do YOU travel through time and other dimensions with your choice of clothes and accessories? I’d love to read about your ideas in the comments below!

Usual disclaimer: All images belong to their respective owners, are used for illustrative purposes only, and will be taken down if asked to do so, etc., etc., etc.


Mica said...

I love the steampunk necklaces, especially that butterfly! I tend to be more on the conservative side with my jewelry, so I have more time to wear and enjoy each piece. One of my LV bags is 17 years old so that I guess is past and present together when I wear it! :)

Frederik Sisa said...

Good point. Some designs do have enough of timeless quality to defy the ebb and flow of trends. And 17 years, well, that's quality construction too! :)

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