Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Head Poncho

by Becky!!

Okay okay okay. So, I have already written of the insane versitility of the poncho, and Frédérik has described his go-to poncho but I'd already come up with the (admittedly hilarious) name of this post and felt that I had to go with it.

So. More on ponchos. Because I bought one (under duress, I would like to say) and I now am madly in love with it.

A rare sighting of the poncho'd sasquatch

And I love it not only because it's the fastest way to go from "normal person" to "insane reclusive octogenarian," although, let's be honest, that is high on the list.

Ponchos are awesome because you can wear them with/over anything.

Fact: Dogs love ponchos.

Bell sleeves that refuse to squeeze into normally-sleeved coats? Cropped jackets that you can't possibly fit inside another coat but are too flimsy on their own? A-line dresses that looks preposterous mashed into normal outwear?

Put a poncho on it.

02-16 cape
Vintage suede poncho awesome!

Or two.

A brief flirtation with poncho-dom in 2009 with this little number from Free People

Plus, ponchos say a lot about you. Like, "I wear blankets in public and I don't give a damn."

Or: "I am sooo skinny I can wear voluminous outerwear that... No, don't look under there! That is not back fat! YOU'RE LOOKING AT MY BACK FAT. Aghhhhh!"

Here are my favorites for sale that you too can know the joys of ponchos...

Free People

This is from Free People and it's on clearance for only $30!

HOLY MOLY. Do I need another poncho? No, I don't. Step away, Becky. Breathe.

This number from ModCloth has all my favorite colors and just looking at it makes me feel cozy enough to take a nap.


This is from Alpaca Mall. How can you even say no to that?

So.... Poncho thoughts?


Mica said...

You know I have never wanted a poncho, your post started to make me consider it and then that neon striped free people one - it's beautiful! Something I would want to try before I buy but I think you have a new poncho admirer here! :)


Becky Haltermon said...

Hurray! We should totally start a gang called the Poncho Posse!

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