Monday, January 30, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: Slips and Underpinnings

by Becky

Well, I can't say that this week's challenge was much of a success...

vintage 1950s cotton slip with lace trim, dangit!

Frivolous Friday participation was at an all-time low. And yeah, I realize that it's a hard sell trying to encourage we hard-working pilgrim progeny to cut loose and show your drillies at the office, I think it's totally possible.

I mean, I do it all the time.

Is this the part of the program when everyone looks at me with one eyebrow cocked, waiting for me to come to the epiphany that I'm a psycho lunatic who should keep her undies under wraps?

Cause it ain't happening.

Frivolity or death!

Frédérik in the house!

Hula join me for this week's challenge?

I'm thinking Hawai'i. I'm thinking Tahiti. I'm thinking Easter Island. And yes, I'm definitely thinking fruity drinks with umbrellas to keep them from getting sunburned. And hula-dancing folk, of course. Yes, indeed, beaches, sun, surf, bare feet and sand...of course, I'm also thinking American Tiki, because who can resist the tiki?

So for this week's Frivolous Friday challenge, the theme is:

tiki style

Hawaiian shirts, polynesia skirts, pareos/sarongs, flowers in your hair, leis around your neck...get your tiki on, snap a picture, and eMail it to me before Monday, February 6th. Aloha!


Mica said...

Oh that slip could so pass as a dress! I wish I owned something that pretty :) Your outfit was definitely a success Becky, even if there wasn't a lot of people being frivolous along with you! :)

Brainstorming ideas for tiki style already - wish it was summer weather, a day by the pool in my sarong would work beautifully! :P

Oh I gave you a blogger award too - not sure if you do them but always good to give a shout-out to blogs I enjoy anyway :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

Since I work with a youth program I can not particpate in any of the ones that include evening wear or as now, sexy little slip dresses. =) But I am thinking I can do a flower in my hair and maybe even a lei. The teens might tease me about it, but we shall see. Good luck. Hope you get people to join.

Frederik Sisa said...

Mica -

Thanks (again) for the award! And I agree, Becky certainly pulls off the slip-as-dress.

I, obviously, had to decline participating because who wants to see a guy with underwear on the outside of his pants? Of course, people do like Superman, but still. I'm happy to let Becky rock the drillies.

Bridgette -

Who could object to flowers in your hair? Maybe you need to bring flowers for the teens. :) Thanks for stopping by - I hope you can join in the frivolity!

Mica said...

haha Frederik the underwear as outer wear would be a great Halloween outfit for the guys!

I am excited to see what people will wear for the challenge this Friday - I have some ideas already!

Samantha said...

Too bad I didn't know about this frivolous friday! In an old post, I wore a robe and slip as a dress! Here's the link!

Hope the tiki theme fairs better! :)

Frederik Sisa said...

Mica - But would that mean guys wearing real underwear and underwear-as-outwear? That's a lot of layers! lol.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you and everyone else comes up with too. I love these challenges!

Samantha -

Thanks for visiting! Your robe and slip ensemble worked out beautifully! Hope to see you in this week's tiki challenge...:)

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