Monday, January 16, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: Bow Ties

by Becky

Last Friday's challenge in frivolity was bow ties, an accessory so fantastical and fancy, I may have to don one more oft. The only possible accessory more sassy would be a monocle. Must add to my shopping list.

Anne bow tie
Note the subtle glow of bow tie brilliance

Anne Wolking, my most fabulous of coworkers, used a super snazzy bow tie as a cardigan closure.

Bow tie 1
Bow before the bow!

I clipped my bow tie in my hair. It looks like such a perfect hair bow, no one will ever have to know that it was meant to be worn ten inches to the south. I did nothing to it to transform it into a hair accessory. I simply opened up my clip-on bow tie, held it in my tresses, and snapped it shut. It has stayed put perfectly.

Here's Frédérik:

Frédérik says: "To me, bow ties are the beanies of neckwear. For the sake of the challenge, I tried putting on the only bow tie I have - the remains of a Halloween costume past. But I still felt like a cartoon and, consequently, had to bow out before something dreadful happened. Like my head falling off."

Frédérik again: "This dapper gent is my pal Rudy, seen here at the Movember Gala Party sporting his signature mustache and a bow tie. Much as I generally loathe neck beanies, I have to say he pulls off with style and class."

Mica, who blogs at Away From Blue, didn't have a bow tie. She didn't let that stop her from improvising a lovely response to the challenge, however.

See her post for the rest of her outfit and her thoughts on meeting the challenge.


Frédérik, here...

This week's Frivolous Friday challenge asks you to really use your head. Ready? Here it is:

bold and/or crazy hats

Email me your pictures of you wearing a chapeau on your noggin by Monday, Janauary 23rd!

Some people have hats in their belfry...and like to sing about it.


Mica said...

I love the bow ties! Especially the ones re- purposed on the cardigan and as a hair decoration!

Rudy defines dapper and your red tie looks great with that shirt! :)

Thanks for the mention! :)

I have the PERFECT picture for the next Frivolous Friday challenge - it will be an old picture but it's a goodie! :) Looking forward to seeing everyone's hats!

Frederik Sisa said...

Thanks for participating, Mica! I'm also looking forward to seeing everyone's hats...

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