Monday, January 23, 2012

Frivolous Fridays: Bold Hats

by fez-érik

Can I say we pulled off a hat trick? Check out the chic chapeaus that answered the call of a Frivolous Friday Challenge!

Anne hat

Anne Wolking looked like a super sultry sleuth.

Becky hat 2

...And Becky tried for the mysterious vibe. She imagine's that her loud, TMI-soaked personality ruined that image, but I don't believe it. Frivolity and mystery!

For her part, Indira chimed in with an ever-chic and bold beret.

Away From Blue's Mica, who prefers not to reveal her face online, contributed this image. Says she: "Melbourne Cup is the biggest horse race in all of Australia. Race goers dress up in their finest clothes and hats or facinators are required, some states have a public holiday just to watch the race. To celebrate at work we had a competition after watching the race - best dressed, best hat, best DIY effort, craziest hat, fashion fail, etc. A previous year I had won best DIY effort for a bow fascinator made out of paper, so I had to do something equally awesome last year. I decided to wear my finest dress, lots of bling, some amazing nude wedges and the craziest hat I own. It's a fuzzy purple and white top hat. It's actually very large and tricky to balance on my tiny head, but I feel it worked well, and of course won me the craziest hat award and a box of yummy chocolates!"

And then there's me, and my new official hat: a fez.

Challenge met! Thanks everyone!

And now, for something completely different...

Becky's Turn!

Frivolous Friday challenge for Jan. 27: Slips, undershirts, unmentionables, and/or underpinnings.

Dress up yer underpants and wear them on the outside of your jeans. Okay, don't do that. But do take underclothing and jazz them up so that your coworkers look at you and wonder, "Is that really a dress or is my lunatic colleague trying to pass off her unmentionables as an actual garment?"

Slip inspiration

Keep 'em guessing. And do it with frivolity!

Email me your photos by Jan. 29 to partake!


Mica said...

Yey thanks for featuring me again :)

Love everyone's hats - especially Anne's, and I'm in love with Becky's scarf!

The next Friday challenge is really one to muse over - I'm not sure I have anything I can use, will have to look through my wardrobe, maybe I have something that looks like a slip :) They actually aren't that easy to find, I've looked for some before! :)

Frederik Sisa said...

We don't call these "challenges" for nothin'. :)

Thanks for playing along!

Mica said...

It's fun to try meet all the challenges! Fashion is something to have fun with anyway :)

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