Monday, January 9, 2012

Frivolous Friday: Mismatched Socks

Happy Monday!

Here to knock your socks off are some picks from our Mismatched Socks challenge.

I admit that this was a huge challenge for me because I normally don't wear socks and shoes (I'm a barefoot/sandals kind of guy), so my sock drawer wasn't really up to the task of offering choice socks for mismatching. When I decided to go with monochromatic colours, I figured that dressing all in black (as I initially intended) wouldn't work when the only splash of colour would be the single red sock. So, this:

Wistfully thinking that no one can see my socks when I have my shoes on.

Shirt: Calvin Klein
Pants: United Colors of Benetton
Toe Socks: ToeToe (I think)

Here's Becky, rocking her socks:

Like Becky needs a reason to be mismatched.

Becky took similar sock styles and tweaked the colors.

This is what happens when you buy baseball socks from the thrift store...

Rounding things out is this image from Mica, who blogs at her delightful Away From Blue. She writes in with a charming idea:

I tried to put together an outfit with socks for the Friday challenge but it was just not happening with the heat here this weekend!
So here's what I would wear if I could
Shoes: Acne Pistol boots
Socks: no brand
Skirt: no brand, vintage from my mum
And I'd wear a simple tank on top and a long necklace.
The maxi skirt would allow just a peek of the mismatched socks as I walked :)
And she kindly sent us a pic to demonstrate:

Challenge met!

And now, for next week...
Becky's turn!

Are you ready to adorn yourself in absurdity?

This week's Frivolous Friday Challenge is: Bow ties.

02-26 shoes
Leonard is a fan of reptile prints and flagrant neck wear.

Is there any way to look more dapper than donning a bow tie?

Whether draped around your neck, clipped in your hair, or pinned to your cardigan, bow ties instantly increase your rakishness. And who doesn't need more rakishness?

As always, feel free to post links to pictures of you in your debonair bow ties in the comments section or email 'em directly to me.

Send them before Monday, January 16th to be included in the frivolity...

Frédérik again...If you need motivation, here's a humble suggestion from the Doctor (Matt Smith edition):

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Mica said...

Love it - Becky rocks her socks! How I wish for cooler weather!

Must find a bowtie now, my poor DH is just not stylish enough to own one, haha! I showed him the dinosaur picture but he could not be swayed!

So pleased with the mention too, thank you! :)

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