Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Note on Coats

While southern CA is a little gusty, as Frédérick reported, my Midwestern stomping grounds are currently being buffeted by blustering snow.

Ew. Good thing I grabbed my threadbare denim jacket this morn because goodness knows that nothing will preserve your shivering soul better than worn-out cotton. But it matched my dress perfectly!

I am warmed by fabulousness, not fabric.

But let's discuss the few coats I own that actually accomplish some amount of warmth-preservation.

12-11 coat
Even though this picture is from 2008, the coat is still in this perfect condition. It's made of magic, I tell ya!

We begin with my Favorite Coat of All Time.

It is black. It is vintage. It is wool. It fits perfectly, is long, can be somewhat dressy, and is so heavy that you can fart in it and never smell anything until spring. I adorn it with a marching band metal I found at a vintage shop and it never fails to glean comments.

12-11 coat detail
I totally earned this in the war of the Florence Antique Mall.

Oh, coat! I adore you so.

01-22 coat
Full woolen jacket

This is representative of any number of '50s-era wool jackets I have on hand at a given time. I am a priss and hate the feeling of wool on skin so while I love this look, these usually-unlined babies only get marginal play.

On a side note, this photo is one of the top hit-getters on my Flickr. Weird, right?

12-14 coat
That belt was a pain. I threw it away and pin the coat shut these days.

Ahhhhhh yes. I found this thing at a thrift shop in 2008... Rather prescient of current trends, no?

I just realized that I left it in a neighbor's shed. Oh, the trials of drinking in the country...

01-18 coat
I bought this at a Forever 21-like shop in TN perhaps 10 years ago and have had to repair it many times but it has been valiant in its survival.

This canvas coat is completely unlined and offers little to no insulation. I don't care, it matches everything I own.

Do you have something that is less warm and itchier, please?

A singular foray into the wool cape. Yuck. No thank you.

04-19 raincoat
Rain coats are far superior to umbrellas. Discuss.

Best rain coat ever. It is lined with tiny whales.

11/11 coat
An a-line cut coat is kind hard to come by.

This was a cheap find at Forever 21 in 2009 and while it isn't aging very gracefully, the mod cut makes it timeless.

My sister is still amazed that I look like I have a figure when I wear this.

A new vintage jacket that is lined, warm and surprisingly, has super-long sleeves that can accommodate my gorilla arms. Yay!

Is that a fox collar or a kitty cat?

Of course, if your coat doesn't keep you warm, you can always throw in a cat or two to heat you up.

SO. How do those of you not privileged enough to be on a sunny beach keep from freezing?


~Hurricane B~ said...

That is one of my favorite things about the cold weather. The great coats that we can wear, they can become an outfit on their own at times.

Frederik Sisa said...

I agree, Bridgette. Living in Southern California, I sometimes wish the weather would get consistently cold enough to whip out the heavy coats, scarves, and so on. As it is, winter means schizo weather and schizo weather means sporadic spurts of cold enough temperatures to justify all the winter fixins. Thanks for your comment!

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