Monday, December 19, 2011

Frivolous Friday: Partakers of Formal Wear

Here are some fabulous formal wear aficionados who gave casual Friday the finger.

Okay, so it's just me and Frédérik but, whatever, it's still pretty formal!

Mr. Sisa, fighting the confines of casualness

Says Frédérik:
The tie fighter. I usually resist wearing ties. Which works fine since we don't tend to dress up to the nines here in Los "Jeans at the Opera" Angeles...the sevens, maybe, but rarely the nines. But since every day is Casual Friday, I whipped out a neck-noose to meet the challenge.

And check out the vest! Awesome.

I wore my prom dress:
Oh, and I took this self-portrait in front of my coworkers. Mocking ensued.

You were warned!

This is a vintage number that is so filled with crinolines and boning that it could stand up by itself.

I made this myself. God bless hot glue.

I also may or may not have worn a golden dove-bedecked headband. Future Frivolous Friday challenge: Funny headgear?

Frivolous Friday is taking the holidays off but stay tuned in the new year for more fashion folly!

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