Monday, December 12, 2011

Frivolous Friday Challenge: Formal Wear

Welcome to Frivolous Fridays, a weekly foray into mismatched socks, ridiculous hats, backwards gowns, or any number of absurd sartorial choices!

Each Monday, we will post pictures of people who took part in the previous week's Frivolous Friday challenge and then offer a new and even more frivolous idea for that coming Friday.

Sound good? Then let's go!

This week's Frivolous Friday challenge is to don formal wear on the job.

Want inspiration? Here are Anne and myself, making copies in finery.

My coworkers and I have decided that we have too many evening dresses and not enough places to wear them so we are having a Formal Friday. Take that, casual Friday! And I'd like the record to show that I don't work in a cool, hip, artsy office where you can bring your dog and your boss calls you "man." I work in at a wastewater utility... Ahhh yes, the glamorous world of sewage. And I'm planning on wearing my prom dress to work on Friday.

Is this a black tie cube?

Are you up for the frivolity? You don't have to unearth the sequined gowns from your misspent high school dances. You could wear your favorite LBD. You could slip into a party frock. You could dig out your tuxedo vest, costume jewelry, or glittery heels. The point is to simply reassess what can be worn when you're on the clock.

I answer messages between fetes.

Post links to your Frivolous Friday pictures on this post and/or email the photos to us over the weekend. We'll post pictures of the participants on Monday, Dec. 19, and then... Probably take a holiday break. But Frivolous Fridays will return in the new year!

Frivolity is go!


Jenny H said...

This is hilarious! And is a fantastic idea. Who doesn't have a crap ton of formal dresses/outfits just sitting around and collecting dust?! If I worked in an office with more females, I'd be all over organizing a formal Friday!! Can't wait to see pics!

Frederik Sisa said...

Hey, Formal Friday is for everyone! And don't let our male overload stop you from enjoying one of those outfits...If it helps any, I'll dress up too. I don't have any evening dresses (ha!), but I'm sure I could finagle a formal outfit, complete with tie...

Becky Haltermon said...

Yesss... I didn't mean it to be so lady-specific. I'd love to see gentlemen strutting their cummerbunds!

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