Saturday, November 12, 2011

LA goes comikaze!

by frédérik sisa

There’s a lot cooking in the ol’ Fashionoclast stove, including posts on shoes, beauty products (and “handsome” products, too), and fezzes. Oh yes. You read that right. There will be fez hats in the Fashionoclast’s future. And it will be glorious.

But even bigger than all that, if anything can actually be bigger than a fez, is a big announcement accompanied by a big blog makeover. You’ll have to be patient, however. So while I get all that organized, this week’s light and airy post is a brief report from LA’s seedling answer to the infamous juggernaut that is San Diego Comic Con. Called Comikaze, this LA expo had comics, collectibles and memorabilia, and panels on various topics. There were celebrities on hand – I glimpsed the likes of Marina Sirtis, Virginia Hey, Garrett Wang, Robert Picardo, and Stan Lee. Overall, it was a fun, if disorganized, experience lacking a strong contingent of independent comic artists and writers. Strangely, even the major players like Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse didn’t have a presence at the expo. Still, before every oak comes an acorn, and there’s definitely the potential for something bigger in the years to come.

So what about the costumes? As with Comic Con, there were plenty of fans on hand dressing up as favourite characters from comics, TV/films, and video games. There was the usual: stormtroopers and other armoured Star Wars characters, Batmen of varying quality, X-men, and so on. I wasn't really too bothered with taking pictures, if only because, while nice, very few really stood out. Still, as a lead up to the most beautiful costume I saw at Comikaze, here's a few snapshots. If you click on the images, you might get
to appreciate just how fuzzy they really are.

This young lady is dressed up as American McGee's Alice. She sheepishly confided to lacking the vorpal blade, but I think she achieved the overall look rather nicely. I'm assuming the costume came from Electronic Arts'/Spicy Horse's merchandise website...pretty good quality, actually. Note the skull and ribbons...

No comic book event is complete without characters from the Batman universe, and these two ladies didn't disappoint with their classic presentation of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Kudos to Ivy for daring to walk around on the cold concrete floor of the convention room.

Blood-soaked costumes, huge blades, and chain saws...I was actually impressed that the guy dressed as Silent Hill's Pyramid Head was willing to lug around that helmet on his head.

Finally, the most beautiful costume of the expo, a steampunk ensemble that draws on 19th century aesthetic and embellishes it with wonderfully detailed mechanical wings. I'll say this about steampunk: they take their fashion seriously.

I'm looking forward to seeing what next year has to offer!

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