Friday, October 7, 2011

...and custom clothes for all

by frédérik sisa

The Clown Prince of Crime's henchmen wonder: “Where does he get those wonderful clothes?” Answer: They're custom made by a tailor who doesn't really care about where the money comes from.

If money were plentiful, I’d design my own clothes and have them made by a professional tailor. But I’m not rich, so like most people I turn to off-the-shelf items more often than not. It’s particularly wonderful, then, when companies leverage their production methods to offer customized products at accessible prices. So this week, I’m introducing a new kind of feature tied to a new set of links in the right sidebar: online DIY custom design options in apparel and footwear, where YOU get to customize a product to your liking.

Milk & Honey

A brand started and run by shoe-loving sisters Llissa and Dorian Howard, Milk & Honey is dedicated to providing women with affordable custom footwear YOU can design, ranging from pumps, booties, and wedges to flats and sandals. I’m intrigued enough to consider featuring them in a future post…


A brand that needs no introduction. But did you know you can get your own custom Chucks? Go ahead. Enjoy yourself.


Timberland isn’t normally a brand I think about, but the fact that you can get customized boat shoes in all kinds of colours is speaking to me. Whether it’s saying “buy me” or not remains to be seen. In any case, the online design-your-own-shoes interface is pretty snazzy. If Timberland’s your thing, you should definitely give it a whirl.


With some jeans starting at $155, indi’s offerings are at the edge of what I’d consider reasonable for a pair of jeans. The fact that you can customize them takes the sting out of the price. I do wish, however, that they offered more options. For example, how about offering some real flared options, not just bootcuts? In any case, Indi is a good start, especially with their online design tool.


A spin-off of Troentorp clogs, Maguba is a hip, vibrant clog company that redefines the clog as an item of genuinely fun fashion. Enjoy a trip through the Wayback machine with the interview I did with Maguba’s Sebastian Macliver by clicking here. Then take advantage of the fact that you can customize your own Maguba clogs by choosing a style along with colours for the base and upper. Check it out.

Love Heals

You’ll recall this recent discovery during a trip to Ojai; I featured this unique jeweler right here not too long ago. Their online designer lets you build your own dream jewelry using a dizzying variety of beads, chains, ornaments, charms, and all that jewely goodness. About the only thing that might put a damper on hours of fun is the way the costs can add up, but with so many choices you don’t need to napalm a hole in your wallet.

If you get the chance to try these or any other custom design options, I’d love to hear about it, as would other Fashionoclast readers. So don’t hesitate to share your experiences, good or bad!

Note: Logo images belong to the respective brands and are only used here because plain text links are boring. Also, the image of the Joker from Batman belongs to Warner Bros and is used here only as a gratuitous attention-getting gimmick. Images will be removed at the copyright owners’ request.

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