Friday, September 9, 2011

spot 'n hunt: grecian sandals

by frédérik sisa

In an effort to add bit of diversity to the blog posts around here, I thought I’d test out a new feature not-so-imaginatively called Spot ‘n Hunt. It starts with a scenario that most of us experience at one time or another: we see someone wearing something cool and wonder where to get it. Of course, for some reason, we never seem able to outright ask the hep cat where THEY got that cool piece of clothes, or spiffy shoes, or dazzling bit of jewelry.

Enter the Fashionoclast, who will happily do a search to help you track down that certain sumthin’-sumthin’ you saw and coveted, starting with the rationale for this whole effort.
The inspiration for the Spot ‘n Hunt feature came from an afternoon’s bacchanal at Malibu Wines gorgeous outdoor tasting room. While enjoying good wine and good company, with the introduction of new friends. As it happened, one of the ladies in our merry band of revelers happened to be wearing something I thought looked very nice indeed. From that came they idea of Spot ‘n Hunt, a name I promise I’ll change as soon as I can come up with something wittier.

But enough of that. Without further delay, let me introduce you to Debbie C.’s feet or, to be precise, to the lovely Grecian lace-up gladiator sandals upon those feet:

Where could you find a similar pair for your own tootsies? The thought that immediately come to mind was: Etsy. There are quite a few sandal artisans who craft leather shoes by hand, with styles in line with Debbie’s sandals. Here are a few good candidates from both the US and Europe:

Black Leather Gladiator Sandals by Sandali (Lindy-Lu Victor). Tel-Aviv, Israel. $60

Roman-Greek Leather Sandals by Ananias, who have a large selection of styles. Greece. $29.95

Greek Leather Sandals by Telena. Athens, Greece. $65

Lace-Up Deerskin Sandals by Bella Caribe. Florida. $80

Handmade Leather “Glory” Sandals by Calpas, with intriguing and pretty detailing. Split, Croatia. $70

If you have $300 to spare, you can always opt for this bad-ass pair of knee-high gladiators from Debbie Leather in Arizona:

So there you have it. Grecian(ish) sandals. Many thanks to Debbie for offering her sandals for this week's post and inspiring this new feature.

What have you seen out there that you liked but didn’t know where to find? Drop me a line at and I'll feature your fashion quest in a future Spot ‘n Hunt post!

Usual disclaimer: Images belong to their respective Etsy shop owners and are borrowed for illustrative purposes only. If the copyright owner wants me to take them down I will, of course, comply.

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