Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Soporific Styling

I'm just going to come out and ask: And what do you wear to bed?

I've recently had a pajama-related epiphany and I'm preaching the good word of the old-timey nightie.

I know it's not cool to don the classic nightgown. I honestly can't recall any celebrity, when pressed for a confession on what they wear at night, copping to a flannel muumuu.

"What do I wear in bed?" Marilyn Monroe bats her eyes. "Why, Chanel No. 5, of course."

For the longest time, the idea of slumbering nude seemed glamorous to me. Grown-up, sensual, exciting and at the same time, insouciant. Plus, who wants to waste money buying clothes for the only eight hours of the day that I won't be showing off my duds? If I had to wear something between the sheets, I slipped into a borrowed button-up or that union suit I wore on Halloween.

10/31 costume detail
Who ordered the House of 1000 Corpses movie extra?

Or maybe a humongous flannel I bought as a joke...
What my alarm clock sees:
This is what my unfortunate alarm clock saw for many years.

And then, on a whim, I bought something that looks a lot like this:
Victorian Frilly Eyelet Lace Nightgown

Oh yeah. Full-length. Long sleeves. Fluffy soft cotton from the Victorian age, bought for $8 at an antique mall somewhere in Ohio.

I will confess that I first purchased this bad boy with the full intent of wearing it as a dress. And I still might. But after taking it off the clothesline (what? I'm a hippy, leave me alone) I couldn't resist climbing into it and then, climbing into bed.

And thus was heralded a new obsession.

Check out that sweet chest ruffle.

Dressing for sleep, especially when choosing the most old-fashioned, grandma-tastic gown, is infinitely rewarding. No, not many will have the (assuredly) fantastic pleasure of taking in my evening visage but that it precisely why it is awesome. It is the purest form of dressing for myself, wearing what makes me happy when traveling to torpidity.

Now my thrift store trips take me to the sleepwear section where I stock up on bedgowns that Bea Arthur would envy.

And sure, there are practical aspects of owning full-fledged PJs: You don't sully clothes that you want to wear the next day, your sheets stay cleaner longer, etc.


But who cares? The point is that if you're a stylish person - and if you're reading this blog, you most definitely are - then you care about aesthetics even when no one else is looking.


Lisa said...

Oh I love nighties! Fresh, cool cotton nighties, sexy nighties and every now and then, if it's really cold, I don't mind snuggling inside a super-cosy flannelette number. Nightie wearers of the world unite!

Becky said...

Yes! I'd toast to that!

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