Friday, September 16, 2011

some mo' mohop, fashion that goes snicker-snack...and justin bieber?

by frédérik sisa

A bit of potpourri this week staring with, incredible as it may seem, Justin Bieber. He apparently likes to wear women’s clothes. Jeans, to be precise. If you were to read the comments in response to Yahoo! Music piece on the subject, you’d no doubt fee

l your faith in humanity being sucked into some despairing abyss, as mine has. It is so incredibly frustrating, even angering, to see the word gay bandied about like an epithet. Yet that’s been the trend among responders: that’s so gay, they all chant.

The article itself is actually not hostile, pointing out that Justin simply wears women’s jeans because they’re comfortable and that other stars, from Kanye West to Steven Tyler, have also worn “women’s” clothing for the sake of comfort, not cross-dressing. But even if they cross-dressed, so what? Once again, society’s conformist tendencies through fashion reveal themselves, with a dose of homophobia for bad measure.

Here’s the picture of Justin in question:

(Copyright: Jason Meritt/Getty Images.)

Moving on to a happier topic, the merchandise for American McGee’s Alice: Madness Returns, sequel to American McGee’s Alice, presents an interesting dilemma for fashionistas. By way of background, American McGee is a visionary game designer. His Alice presented a deliciously dark and sinister take on Alice in Wonderland, one in which young Alice survives a fire that kills her family and finds herself confronting her frayed sanity through a journey in a corrupted Wonderland. The sequel is even more stunning, displaying phenomenal artistry in terms of character design and settings – they even had a gallery exhibit of art inspired by the game here in Los Angeles prior to the game’s release. It’s not often that I’m gobsmacked to the point of a minor obsession, but what can I say? The visuals and story concept are uniquely astonishing.

So while I don’t tend to feel a compulsion to wear clothes that are branded or feature characters from my favourites movies and TV series, I’m sorely tempted by the deliciously lush and gothic art of Alice: Madness Returns to seriously consider the available merchandise. But here’s the rub: the only options are t-shirts, and t-shirts are, in my opinion, lazy forms of apparel. Good to relax in, but not much for style. They’re little more than a billboard.

But is that such a bad thing? I admit I’d much rather see bowling shirts, or dress shirts, or maybe even Western shirts that feature the artwork…but if a t-shirt is less about the clothes than the graphic, well…what do you think?

Finally, I wanted to end with an update on the marvelous goings-on at Mohop. They’ve just released a new version of their innovative footwear – a flat with a sole made of screenprinted vegan leather and loops to allow for unlimited ribbon configurations. And the price? An irresistible $77. Here are some images. To indulge, visit Mohop’s Etsy shop.

And there you have it.

As usual, all images are used merely for illustrative purposes and belong to their respective owners. They'll be removed if I'm requested to do so.


Becky said...

Let the record show that my male cohorts in high school wore ladies's jeans and it was the height of cool - even though I graduated 10 years ago.

Seriously, how is "gay" still an insult?

Frederik Sisa said...

It is so noted in the record. :)

And as puzzling as it is, I think the explanation is as simple as it is depressing: collectively, people have not achieved the level of enlightenment one would expect for the 21st century. Ignorance persists.

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