Friday, September 23, 2011

poncho-drunk love

by frédérik sisa

I was going to call this post the “Ponchos of Doom” post just for the heck of it. Then I figured there wasn’t anything especially apocalyptic about ponchos. And then the pictures I took of one of my two ponchos didn’t come up, and suddenly my potential blog post title was depluralized into singularity. But all hope is not lost. There’s always a pun, hence the actual title for this post.

In any case, ponchos doesn’t really need much of an introduction. This quintessential South American garment, which dates to Native Andean in pre-Hispanic times, is a classic piece of outerwear whose simple tailoring is often dressed up by patterns and visually interesting textiles. Did I say classic? How about iconic? I can still picture Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name raising his poncho in preparation for a gunfight in any of those great spaghetti westerns. My first poncho, which I hoped to show you, was a nice and warm piece knitted with motherly love. But there came a point when I hoped to get something a bit edgier and more contemporary. That’s when I discovered and, in particular, NanNom, described by YesStyle as follows:

Established in 2009, NanNom is the stylish casual brand of choice for men in their 20s to 30s. Derived from the words "Nan" and "Nom", meaning "distinguished" and "gentlemen", the South Korean brand balances value and quality with their collection reflecting the Asian street fashion trend.

Their hooded military cape – a fancy way of saying poncho with ornaments inspired by military uniforms - is simple from a tailoring standpoint. It’s a rectangle with a hole to put your head through and a hood. But the detailing gives it an edge, with my only quibble being that it’s a little fussy to put on in terms of getting the shoulder ornaments properly lined up. Other than that, it’s a nifty item and an example of some of the fun things Asian fashion designers are working up on the other side of the ocean. Although I’m not overly crazy about NanNom overall – I have my eye on designers like deepstyle, which I hope to feature in a future post - I admire the brand’s energy and occasional surprises like the “cape.” You can check out all of NanNom's offerings at YesStyle right here.

The cape’s regular price is $40, but is on sale for 40% off at

And now, bring on the dancing girls!

Okay, no dancing girls. Sorry. A picture of me instead, looking down at one of my cats who likes to go belly up and beg for attention with big yellow eyes. Also: an inexplicably blurry picture of said cape with deployed hood. Best of all: professional pics of the cape.

Unfortunately, despite this blog post’s title, there was no intoxication involved in wearing the cape. Also unfortunate is despite calling the military poncho a “cape,” no superpowers were involved either. Style has to be enough. And it is.

Note: Images borrowed from NanNom for illustrative purposes only. As always, I'll take them down if the copyright owner requests it.

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