Friday, August 26, 2011

a brief but potent dose of design: perhacs studio's jewelry

by frédérik sisa

There’s nothing quite like the smell of design in the air – the tang of problem-solving, the jolt of innovation, the buzz of discovery. At last December’s Unique LA event, I came across Perhacs Design, based out of Bainbridge Island, Washington. What designer Brandon Perhacswas doing at an event meant to spotlight local LA artisans, I don’t know – maybe it’s the fact that he studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. In any case, my attention was captured by his clean modern designs and eco-consciousness.

As a multi-disciplinary designer, he doesn’t limit himself to fashion accessories, but it’s the jewelry that concerns me insofar as this blog is concerned. I’m especially drawn to the way in which conceptual simplicity yields surprisingly intricate results. Here’s a look at some of the attractive products he offers.

The ewe2 bracelet is made from 100% merino wool felt and sells for $26. It consists of two rings that can be worn separately or interlocked to form a single bracelet.

And this is the ewe cuff, which clasps via hidden rare earth magnets and features quasi-cutouts that can be popped in or out to alter the cuff’s geometry. It sells for $46 and, like the ewe2, is made from 100% merino wool felt.

The sheer dimensionality of the bracelet and cuffs makes them's a bit reminiscent of origami, in a way.

In a different direction altogether is the ingenious Stix and Stones, a modular system of magnetic bars and balls. To achieve a sculptural symmetry, the magnets are embedded at precise intervals to provide order to the wearer’s free play. The price is $165 for the full set of six bars at assorted sizes and six balls. An interactive piece of wearable art, I'd say, from a skilled and versatile designer.

To see more of Brandon’s work, check out his website at

Note: The usual disclaimer. Images were borrowed from the Perhacs Studio website for illustrative purposes only. If the copyright holder wants me to take them down, I will, of course, comply.

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