Friday, May 13, 2011

Rubimoon River

by frédérik sisa

I’m sensing a theme in the sorts of design that are attracting my attention these days: loose, flowing designs bursting with colour and showing off disciplined patterns. Maybe it’s because the weather here in LA has been weirder than the people presenting themselves as presidential candidates, particularly on weekends, but summery apparel brings to mind the happy weather of a sunny SoCal day. Here are a few items from Rubimoon’s collection of dresses, tops, skirts, and sandals, which are all handcrafted in Bali.

Ami Dress ($70)

Maxi Dress ($89)

Flowers Halter ($20) with Wrap Skirt ($50)

Nomad Sandals ($48)

You’ll find these and more at the Rubimoon website.

What particularly catches my eye, however, is not so much the clothes, which are lovely, but the story behind them. I’m always inspired by people who, despite the inevitable detours life will offer, somehow return to fulfilling a life-long dream. It’s a reminder that it’s never too late to start living the life you want. Unfortunately, my intention to feature an interview with the woman behind Rubimoon, Anke, has been foiled by the vagaries of technology. I get the impression that my eMails are getting lost in cyberspace or unceremoniously categorized as spam. Nevertheless, her website does give us a glimpse into how Rubimoon came into being. To quote:

I wanted a clothing store since I was 8 years old.

That’s all I wanted.

Little did I know about the many different adventures and miracles that were lined up for me.

After I turned 35, I finally met my husband while visiting a friend in Los Angeles. Dave and I fell in love instantly…the only challenge…I lived in Germany, he lived in Los Angeles. But we made it, we got married, we adopted our four amazing daughters from China. We live on the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii…where we feel truly at home. I am dedicated to raising and homeschooling our girls, that always comes first.

There is just one more thing…I always dreamed of that clothing store…and now at age 47…it is really time! It is my passion and dedication to offer you only clothing that my daughters and I love to wear. Sassy and comfortable, that’s what we say and that’s what we mean.

We (all six of us) travel to Bali and personally choose fabrics and leathers. We have established very friendly and fair trade relationships with manufacturers, who hand make our clothing.

With Rubimoon clothes available online and through boutiques across the US, Anke’s dream certainly has come true.

Note: The usual disclaimer about the images apply: borrowed for illustrative purposes from the Rubimoon website. If I'm asked to take them down, I will do so.


Lisa said...

Anke's story is definitely inspirational. It's obvious she's a woman with passion who has followed her dreams resulting in fabulously spirited fashion. Fashion with passion if you will :)

Frederik Sisa said...

Yes, fashion passion, indeed. Gotta love it! :)

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