Friday, May 27, 2011

going green with REUSE jeans

by frédérik sisa

(Me wearing REUSE jeans. And proof that I'm not a photographer. What am I looking at? The green grass, of course, because green is the theme.)

It’s not enough for the sophisticated fashionista to pull together an expressive style; how the elements of that style are manufactured and used are increasingly important factors to consider. Considering that we’re still far from the day when we won’t have to think twice about the ethics of what we buy, it’s immensely satisfying to find and wear clothes with a conscience. Like REUSE jeans, which I featured a few weeks ago.

Taking advantage of their offer of sample jeans to try out, I opted for the one pair that fits into my wardrobe: the grey-coloured Protect. At the least, I was expecting a good pair of jeans, certainly as good as my Levi’s , Dickies, or Quicksilver. It was a bit of a surprise to discover just how good these jeans really are – enough to put them in a different class than I what usually wear. The designer class. Suddenly, and without diminishing wardrobe staples from Levi’s or Dickies, I can understand why designer brand jeans, whether big label or small, can have such prestige. Anyone can take a pattern and churn out a pair of pants. It takes a designer to bring in detail and offer a refined fit. REUSE does all that with consideration for the environment built-in to their fashion concept and production.

Aside from whatever mysterious reason underlies why their men’s jeans are $45 more than women’s jeans, the design and manufacturing qualities of the jeans are unimpeachable. (At $95 a pair, along with the nice selection of shorts and skirts, women really have a good opportunity to spruce up their wardrobes with eco-friendly and affordable design.) Here’s the breakdown:

Materials: 80% recycled, 18.5% fresh cotton, 1.5% spandex. Neither crispy nor limp, with just the right amount of stretch.

The fit is flattering and comfortable, with a slender boot cut profile that isn’t tight or loose. It’s right in the Goldilocks zone, and it definitely says designer style.

Stylish detailing, from the buttons to the score marks. Unlike other designer brands who pimp their customers by plastering logos all over their clothes, REUSE keeps it low-key and takes advantage of the fact that the brand is also the message they embrace and want their customers to adopt. (R.E.U.S.E: Recycle. Environment. U. Save. Earth.) Just look at the shape of the buttons and the way in which the word REUSE is incorporated on a belt loop. Subtle, but effective.

I really couldn’t be more pleased with the jeans. REUSE is a stand-out brand. Hopefully, though, they will expand their men’s line – at five pairs, the offerings are bit on the stingy side – to include more colours and fits.

Visit to check out their collection. And if you join them on Facebook you’re liable to find all kinds of discounts…

Note: In the interest of disclosure as per the FTC, my review, which is strictly impartial, is of a free sample provided to me by REUSE jeans. Many thanks to Tricia Kent of Public Relations Divas for arranging it. All images in this post, such as they are, are mine; please don’t use them without asking me first.

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