Friday, April 15, 2011

let's 'ear it for etsy!

by frédérik sisa

First, many apologies for the inconsistent posting. Sometimes life gets a wee bit demanding and priorities demand, well, prioritization. Thanks for bearing with me. Please note that I’ll be switching my posting “schedule” to later in the week –Thursday or Friday – instead of the vaguely middlish of the week I’ve been attempting to stick with.

With that out of the way, I’m pleased to discuss my latest acquisition and no, it’s not a pair of shoes. This means you won’t get a picture of my feet in a snazzy new pair of sandals, but this instead:

That’s right, I got a new ear.

I mean, I got new earrings for my old ear. My previous pair were those captive bead rings you get from the tattoo shop that happens to pierce your ear. After, oh, five years or so I decided it was time for a change. Why?

  • Because they were a pain in the posterior to put on after taking them off, and I didn’t like taking them off consider what it took to put them in the first time around.
  • I wanted something more refined. (I’d been told a few times that people liked the earrings but would have preferred a different style. I agree.)

In the process of hunting for something suitable, I rediscovered Etsy. I had no idea how much clothing and jewelry you could find there, although I should have known given that I know a few people who sell their hand-made wares through the site. Among the goodies I came across:

Gladiator sandals by Debbie Leather ($299.95):

Thaitee’s colourful fisherpants ($25):

But it was these stainless steel beauties by 360Jewels from Brea, Orange County, that I was looking for:

Chic, designer, minimalist, easy to handle, and a deal at $16. I’ve been wearing them for about a week and I love 'em.

360Jewels and 360JewelsElite are really quite a nifty discovery, actually, especially because they have an impressive men’s collection. Here are a few other noteworthy items from a surprisingly large selection of noteworthy items.

I may have to shop there again.

But back to Etsy and the embarrassing fact I’m late to the party. What’s really getting my attention is that Etsy makes it easy to support artisans who hand-make their own products, a good proposition to us fashionistas who don’t want to support exploitative labour in foreign countries. Given how many vendors I’ve seen, particularly cobblers and tailors, are willing to custom-make their products, and how many source ethical materials, Etsy already presents a huge advantage over mass-produced items in box stores. In fact, I’m going to start a “best of Etsy” feature of some kind here at the Fashionoclast. While I’m figuring out what shape that feature will take – weekly posting, sidebar listing, monthly digest, or something else – I’d love to hear from you. Have you had great experiences with an Etsy vendor? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll use it for that future feature. Of course, you’re welcome to share your bad experiences too, as a warning to others...

Usual disclaimer: Images borrowed from their respective owner's Etsy shops for illustrative purposes only. If the images owner's want me to take them down, I will.

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