Thursday, March 3, 2011

Galliano wears a brown shirt, Scott's fashions go pop!

Well, I have a few ships sailing out there that have yet to return to port, so this week I'm just going to offer up for your amusement a few interesting tidbits from the wacky world of fashion.

First up, John Galliano puts on a brown shirt. You may have heard of this...the famous designer for the House of Dior was caught on video professing his love for Hitler. Fall out: Natalie Portman, a Dior spokeswoman, made clear her distaste and refusal to have any association with the man. And the House itself pulled a Trump. Thus ends the career of a prominent high-fashion auteur. Yet, as always, one has to wonder if we truly know the context. Could there be more going on than we know? Or is it enough to know that he spouted vile anti-semitic sentiments? Normally, I'm not too bothered by haute-couture drama. I love the art of those catwalk-in-the-sky fashion collections, but from a distance I'm entirely comfortable with. But given all the celebrity spectacles going on these days - Charlie Sheen, anyone? - I have to wonder to what extent we're in any position to judge, comment, or otherwise opine. Perhaps the moral of the story is that sometimes people need help, and we should strive to be more compassionate even when the subject is so flagrantly offensive.

For more, the New York Times has an eminently more informed piece than I could write.

In happier news, the news service of the SyFy Channel, Blastr, posted a link to a collection by designer Jeremy Scott that features some superhero-themed ensemble in a collection that is already overflowing with pop-culture references. It's worth sharing the discovery, because it's just so exuberant and fun. To wit,




Captain Marvel/Mary Marvel/Black Adam:

But it's not all comic books. The collection features equally outlandish designs barely contained by the runway:

Ay carumba! All the power goes to folk who'd wear these on the streets. See more of Scott's Fall 2011 collection at here.

Note: Images borrowed from for illustration purposes only.

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