Thursday, February 3, 2011

goin' with the Nadiflow - yoga and active wear

by frédérik sisa

It's been roughly four years since I last did yoga, and on getting back into the groove I was faced with that most crucial question: what the heck am I going to wear?

Okay, so it's not really THE critical question. Nevertheless, I didn't feel like my usual practical-yet-dorky choice of clothes was working for me. Too fussy, and I felt like the yoga practioner's equivalent of a sock-and-sandal wearer. So off I set into the big, big world to find something more suitable, specifically, something simple to wear, practical for doing yoga in, and with a style that's not liable to gouge sensitive eyes. Of course, it won't surprise you to learn that I had a pair of cropped yoga pants in mind; cropped is, after all, my preffered kind of pants given their balance of coverage and open-air comfort. For doing yoga, however, there is yet another practical aspect to consider: it's easy to see the position of the feet and legs to make sure the pose is correct.

I first started by looking at Prana's offerings, but as usual I found them disappointing. Their selection of men's clothes isn't bad, but the available colours are usually weird (espresso? really?) and I just find that the men's side of things to be somewhat of an afterthought. Then I found Verve Climbing, who have a good mix of clothes for both men and women and are - bonus! - handmade in the US. And, naturally, exactly what I was looking for, even if they do call them, without snickering, knickers.

Verve's Hanuman Knicker; neither tight-fitting or loose, these pants are designed for yoga poses

Turns out that Verve doesn't have online shopping at the moment, and a call to Verve HQ went unreturned (boo!). Since I had a question about sizing, I looked for other retailers. None of those I found offered any savings over Verve's price, so I ended up wandering over to Nadiflow where I read this in the About Us section:
...when we [Lisa and Daniel] decided to take those first few classes, Daniel didn’t know what to wear. He searched at local stores with little success. Some Yoga studios offered men’s yoga apparel, but with very limited choices. He searched online for options and didn’t find many.

NadiFlow was inspired by this lack of available men’s yoga wear. The standard gym trunks just didn’t cut it. You know what we’re talking about – the bunching, the binding, the restrictiveness, the urge to reach down and adjust…try that when you are in downward dog! As we looked for men’s products, we came upon some unique items to offer for women as well. We at NadiFlow offer active wear in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, whether you practice yoga or other activities.
So I thought to myself, "Self, old boy, these people get it. I'll order from them."

Nadiflow offer's clothes for men and women - shorts, pants, cropped pants, hoodies, shirts - and lovely fair trade mat bags made from recycled saris, like this one.

Now, I realize that this week's post isn't of the strictly "fashion" variety, except for the notion that practical activewear can also be stylish. But Lisa (and Daniel) have been really swell in answering questions, as well as keeping track of my package so I get the knickers in time for my next yoga class, that I'd thought I'd feature them. Also, Nadiflow is a relative newcomer to the scene, and I love discovering newcomers. I can't speak about the knickers themselves yet since I haven't worn them to class yet, but with a great attitude and an inclusive, eco-concious selection of products, Nadiflow as a retailer clearly fits in with what The Fashionoclast is all about. Naturally, that deserves a mention.

So there you have it. Nadiflow.

Note: Images borrowed from Nadiflow's website for illustration purposes only.

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