Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sandy claws and the design of time

by frédérik sisa

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome back to The Fashionoclast! This week and next, I’ll tie a ribbon around 2010 by visiting with old friends. After that, it’s on with the new with a look of some my discoveries from Unique LA.

We begin with a picture of my sleeve, beneath which is my latest acquisition courtesy of jolly ol’ Sandy Claws; a much-coveted watch from PROJECTS watches. (Thanks, Sandy!)

But which one? I hemmed and hawed over which one to put forth to Sandy; there are so many noteworthy designs that it’s like being a bookworm in a bookstore.

How about this beautiful, simple modern classic designed by Richard Meier, an architect whose work I greatly admire?

Or maybe the dynamic, geometrical, aircraft-inspired Equilibrium designed by computer graphics pioneer Daniel Will-Harris?

Here’s Reveal, also by Will-Harris, whose design emphasizes the present’s clarity alongside the haze of the past and future:

Along similar lines is Will-Harris’ more overtly conceptual Past-Present-Future watch:

The Iridium watch, again by Will-Harris, certainly caught my eye with its lack of hands and use of coloured numbers to indicate the hours and minutes.

Free Time by architect Laurinda Speer, with its use of concentric circles, is an appealing example of design through purposeful simplicity.

Along the same lines (curves?) is architect-designer-artist Alex Garzon’s eye-catching Tyro:

Finally, because I’m a big fan of architect Daniel Liebeskind, I considered his cutesy Dancing Time piece:

So many choices, all exemplifying the beauty of design. Picking one was clearly a difficult task. Since looks alone couldn’t provide a deciding factor, I had to figure out some sort of criteria to narrow the options down to one. These were:
  • Steel mesh band, because I’m trying to restrict leather and animal products in my wardrobe.
  • Easy to read at a glance. My binary watch from 1HE0NE is very cool and chic, but my brain catches when trying to convert from binary to decimal, especially when I haven’t worn it in a while. So I wanted something that I could read on-the-fly without needing to use the neural clutch.
  • Timeless modernism, without gimmicks. And I know that “gimmicks” may come across as a rather dismissive word, but I don’t mean that as a slight to the design. I just mean that some watches have an organizing concept that stands out while others are more subtle. I’m going for subtle. The gimmicky I have covered with my 1HE0NE watch.
From these enticing options I was able to, finally and with great regret, eliminate watches like Dancing Time and Free Time until there was only one. And that one is…here, let me pull back my sleeve…

...Daniel Will-Harris’ Reveal, with a black steel mesh band. I’m surprised by how light-weight it is, but not at all surprised by the quality construction - and the admiration the watch has received. After coveting a PROJECTS watch through images for some time, I’m happy to report that I couldn’t be more pleased with the actual thing.

To find out more about PROJECTS watches, visit the website at

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